Several readers from my Facebook Fan Page suggested Cat Attract™ for abnormal cat defecating behavior raised by Dianne. I did a research on the product and got a very good idea of it. Here is some information regarding Cat Attract™:

Cat Attract™ is perhaps the only litter designed for cats that are experiencing litter box aversion (or not consistently use their litter box). It is blended with a natural herb attractant which attracts cats to the litter box in the first place. Its perfect texture and particle size make it very enticing for cats to dig it and use it.

From the testimonials submitted by buyers, many people who have purchased Cat Attract is either because their kittens had always refused to use the litter box or their cats were under stress which caused them to change their litter box behavior. This product seems to work excellently for various elimination problems. To read all the testimonials, click here.

  1. Stress related elimination problems
  2. Litter box training
  3. Medication related elimination problems
  4. Other