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Dozens of stray cats have been welcomed by a nine year old giant St. Bernard who let his feline friends cuddle up to him every night to shelter them from the cold.

His name is Yankee who lives in a home in Iowa. Owner Keegan Vansoelen frequently finds the cats coming to his home from a barn and snuggling up to his dog Yankee for warmth.

“We discovered the cats sleeping on him one morning about a year ago. It looks like a big ball of fur. Many of the cats are the same color as Yankee’s coat, so sometimes they are hard to see on him,” he said.

Every night Yankee keeps his kitty friends warm and protected. “It happens quite a bit during the winter, as it can get pretty cold here. Even during the summer they lay with him. I think they do it just to be close to another creature,” Vansoelen added.

Yankee the St Bernard lets his stray kitty friends cuddle up to him to shelter them from the cold.


Every night Yankee keeps his kitty friends warm and protected.


A blankie to keep them warm and comfy.


Source: Daily Mail and reddit.

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A ginger cat has lived the street life for many years, and now he’s finally moving into a comfortable home where he can sleep inside, safe and happy.

“I’ve been taking care of this stray cat for two years. He’s at the vet right now, and tonight he’ll sleep inside. I call him Mr. Cat, but my kids call him Steve. Meet Steve,” said the human via reddit.

“He’s been living the street life for awhile, and when he first started coming around, he was scared of people. Last winter, I made him an insulated cat house, and I saw him out and about all hours.”

With a lot of patience and love, they turned Steve around from a scaredy street cat to an affectionate, happy kitty. Now he has a permanent home and a family that love him to pieces.

Meet Steve who has lived the street life for many years, and now is finally moving into a comfortable home.

feral cat moves into new home

Photo via reddit.

He was saved from a barn, and he was a little feral who wouldn’t go with the humans without a fight, but the little guy has come a long way.

“This poptart was the meanest little thing to ever be pulled out of a barn, switchblades drawn. He was also the only one of his litter of six to survive parvo and predator, but not without spending a week at the vet’s office hooked up to the world’s tiniest IV drip. He’s now 8 months old and whines when I’m not where he can see me,” said Jessica (source).

They named him “Sid Fishes”. “For the first couple of months, he slept in my hair and woke me up trying to nurse on my ear. He’s adjusted a bit and now sleeps at my feet, but still demands to be picked up and hugged whenever I come through the front door. We chase each other through the house until we both pant and he still fights dirty.”

“Sid is a couple of months shy of two years now and just got his very own puppy to play with. He lives the happy life of a slightly chubby house cat and spends his days currently running mad dashes around my house with the puppy. Sometimes they even still let me play.”


rescue farm kitten saved

rescue farm kitten saved

Photo and story by ©Jessica.


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A feral ginger cat came into a family’s life when they discovered that he came to their porch for food. Over the next 7 years, he gradually opened up to the family and eventually allowed them to rub his belly, which became one of his favorite things. His name is Lumpy and this is his story.

“We noticed him sneaking to eat off the porches at two houses with outdoor cats. We started leaving food out for him so he wouldn’t have to scavenge for scraps. Over the next few months, he grew more used to us, and would not only show up for breakfast and dinner, but often hang out in our yard, and seemed to enjoy being pet – especially his belly. It took several months of him rolling around on his back before I worked up the confidence to rub it in case he took off my arm,” said Jeepersca via reddit.

“When we first started feeding him, we had a full house, and couldn’t really take on a new pet. He was scrounging for food, and we’re suckers. And… he’s adorable. We knew at the very least we were giving him a better life – he had a dependable food source in us. (And groomer, flea medication, love).

As time went on, we realized he was sort of ‘ours.’ We went through a few periods where he disappeared for a week and I was heartbroken, but then he’d show up, grumpy and hungry, and then… why yes, I would like my belly rubbed, thank you. When we’d take trips, our pet sitter was given instructions on feeding him. Our petsitters rock so much they’d fill his water bowl with ice in the summer. We set up that house for him to keep him warm when it was cold.

He walks like he is animatronic and sometimes shake… but he purrs like a rusty lawn mower and drools when you scratch him, to me he’s perfect.”

“Always sweet to us, though we found out he never let any of our neighbors get close to him.”

lumpy the ginger feral cat

“Lumpy waiting on the porch for food, always holding up that paw.”

lumpy the ginger feral cat

“After he ate he’d loll around on our porch…”

lumpy the ginger feral cat

“…sleep in the little house we got him to keep him warm…”

lumpy the ginger feral cat

“…lay in our driveway to soak up the sun…”

lumpy the ginger feral cat

Story and photos by Jeepersca via reddit.

Grizzy the cat was found as a stray who was hungry and helpless, then with a little food and love, he found himself a place to call home.

“We found Grizzy in our street in July 2012. He was starved out. We gave him food, water and cat milk. In August, he first entered our house. Now he spends one, maybe two hours a day outside. He has gained a lot of weight. He is happy and he is loved. Not all cats are as lucky as Grizzy. Spread the word by sharing this video. Help the street cats. Help the forgotten,” wrote Street Cat Rescue.

Several feral kittens were trapped last night in Brooklyn by a few volunteers. “These guys have been living in a backyard that abuts the M train trestle in Bushwick, Brooklyn. They’re pretty clean considering their living conditions, and surprisingly tame,” said reddit user chrisgee.

The kittens are now in good hands, so the volunteers’ next project is onto finding the mother cat. “Mom is there, we’re going back for her tonight. We didn’t actually intend to trap, we were just prepping. Normally we withhold food for 24 hours before trapping so they’ll be hungry enough to go in the traps. So even though they weren’t super hungry the kittens all fell for it. Mom however was evasive, but we removed all food so when we go back tonight we’ll most likely get her.” (update: the mama cat is found)

They are now fostering the kittens. With those that still need some taming work, chrisgee gives a tip on feeding: “Only feed them when you’re present so they know human = food = good.”

They were found living in a backyard hat abuts the M train trestle in Bushwick, Brooklyn

feral rescue kittens

They are surprisingly tame even though they have had very little human contact before last night

feral rescue kittens

He was the ringleader, the first to be trapped

feral rescue kittens

She is a sweet little girl with a little bow in her hair

feral rescue kittens

This little guy weighs in more than the others

feral rescue kittens

This girl, still needs some time to be comfortable with human contact. “She preferred to spend her time here.”

feral rescue kittens

Photos by chrisgee via reddit (more images).