St. Bernard Keeps Stray Cats Warm Every Night

Dozens of stray cats have been welcomed by a nine year old giant St. Bernard who let his feline friends cuddle up to him every night to shelter them from the cold. His name is Yankee who lives in a home in Iowa. Owner Keegan Vansoelen frequently finds the cats coming to his home from […]

Cat Has Lived The Street Life, Moves Into A Home

A ginger cat has lived the street life for many years, and now he’s finally moving into a comfortable home where he can sleep inside, safe and happy. “I’ve been taking care of this stray cat for two years. He’s at the vet right now, and tonight he’ll sleep inside. I call him Mr. Cat, […]

Brother Cats With Punctuation Marks On Their Heads

“My buddies Comma and Quote are brothers with punctuation marks on their heads,” said the human. “They are truly a special pair.” Comma and Quote are former feral cats that were found by the ASPCA and given a second chance at life. Photo via reddit.

Barn Kitty Saved!

by Love Meow on Mar 5th, 2013 | 9 Comments on Barn Kitty Saved!

He was saved from a barn, and he was a little feral who wouldn’t go with the humans without a fight, but the little guy has come a long way. “This poptart was the meanest little thing to ever be pulled out of a barn, switchblades drawn. He was also the only one of his […]

Story of Lumpy the Feral Ginger Cat

by Love Meow on Mar 2nd, 2013 | 17 Comments on Story of Lumpy the Feral Ginger Cat

A feral ginger cat came into a family’s life when they discovered that he came to their porch for food. Over the next 7 years, he gradually opened up to the family and eventually allowed them to rub his belly, which became one of his favorite things. His name is Lumpy and this is his […]

The Story of the Lucky Street Cat called Grizzy

Grizzy the cat was found as a stray who was hungry and helpless, then with a little food and love, he found himself a place to call home. “We found Grizzy in our street in July 2012. He was starved out. We gave him food, water and cat milk. In August, he first entered our […]

Several Feral Kittens Rescued from Backyard in Brooklyn

Several feral kittens were trapped last night in Brooklyn by a few volunteers. “These guys have been living in a backyard that abuts the M train trestle in Bushwick, Brooklyn. They’re pretty clean considering their living conditions, and surprisingly tame,” said reddit user chrisgee. The kittens are now in good hands, so the volunteers’ next […]

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