Sleepy Little Kittens

by Love Meow on Sep 13th, 2014 | no comment »

These sleepy little kittens will melt your heart.

Wobbly Kitty And Her Dog Foster Dad

by Love Meow on Sep 9th, 2014 | no comment »

Seven the kitten is a bit wobbly when she walks, but she’s so full of life. She’s one of the kittens fostered by this gentle dog buddy. Story of Seven via YouTube: “This little kitten is a fighter, and had already used two of her nine cat lives when she came to us, hence the […]

Cute Kittens Playing In A Cat Tunnel

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There’s so much cuteness and fun happening at the cat tunnel! 

Calling To The Kittens…

by Love Meow on Sep 1st, 2014 | 2 Comments

These tiny 3 week-old foster kittens come running to their foster mom when she calls to them. Too cute! The kittens: Photo via Blossom The Depot Cat.

Furry Family Of Five

by Love Meow on Sep 1st, 2014 | Comments Off

Margo the sweet cat mama came to her foster home with her 4 tiny kittens. All of them are grey. Can you tell these little ones apart? “We have a young mommy cat named Margo and her four, one-month old kittens. All are grey, with various levels of floofiness. The shelter said there are two ‘girls’ and […]

Cleaning With Cute Kittens

by Love Meow on Aug 31st, 2014 | Comments Off

These foster kittens always want to ‘help,’ when the human does the cleaning.

Litter of Six Rescue Kittens

by Love Meow on Aug 31st, 2014 | Comments Off

An employee from a nursing home brought in a basket full of six goopy-eyed kittens to get help. The mama cat made a home near a hay bale that was later removed. “Once the hay bale was gone, the momma started hissing at the wee kittens and refusing to feed them,” said Jean, animal rescuer and […]

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