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cute ginger cats snuggling and sleeping
"To me, this image is Punk and Spew's brotherly love visualised perfectly. While little Punk likes to think he's the alpha male in the house and makes a lot of noise trying to prove it, it's really Spew that carries the size and stature to keep him on top - like he is here." - Ben

Written by ©Ben Hosking.

cute ginger cat and daddy
Spew and daddy Ben

I adopted the boys at the start of 2008. I’d been wanting a cat in my life for some time, having grown up with them around me and suffering the frustration of not being able to due to rental apartments and what not.

I found them through Sydney Pet Rescue. I felt I should do the right thing and save a couple of more mature cats from an uncertain future. Their names were originally Pumpkin (ginger) and Pierre (long hair) and had been living with foster parents for around nine months when I first enquired about them. They had apparently been found as warehouse strays together and were ‘inseparable’. Now aged around five and six years (the original vet could only guess), they’ve settled in wonderfully to their new home, but do still carry some mental scars from their early years.

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