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Alex is three years old, but he believes that he never grows up. He is mischievous and likes to be treated like a prince. Aside from the mischief, he wants to be in charge especially if you want to use the interweb.

“Being a kitty is hard work!” says Alex.

cute siamese peekaboo cat
Alex is checking you out!
cute siamese cat hides in bed covering
Alex attempts to hide himself
cute siamese cat in charge of computer laptop
“Access denied without treats!”
cute siamese sleeps on stuffed animal
Being a kitty is hard work!
cute siamese cat snuggle kisses
Alex is very spoiled and loved.

Photos courtesy of ©Marina (flickr:  Marina September).

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cute and funny ginger cat tilting his head
"What? Come again?"

Written by Birgit Schweikart (flickr: Lucky Cat1).

We got him when he was 1 year old. His previous owner wanted to surrender him to an animal shelter. They did not do a good job with Lucky, so he often scratched people. He was taken from his mother too early when he was 6 weeks old. Another problem was, he didn’t eat normal cat food, and he was not interested in it at all.

It took us a month to teach him that humans are different from cats and he can play fight with toys and sharpen his claws on a scratching post instead. With food, I also found a solution. He is getting fresh meat every day and I mix it with powdered premix for homemade cat food.

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cute ginger funny cat
"Hai I am Fiko and I make people laugh!"

Written by ©Anna (flickr: hapatxn)

cute funny ginger cat jumping
Fiko's dancing

Fiko (pronounced FEE-ko) was born purring, I am sure of it. A look, a whisper, or a touch will start his purr engine going, and sometimes it will rev so loud it can be heard from across the room. This isn’t the only thing that makes Fiko special, but it is one of the reasons I was convinced I had to bring him home. Fiko was rescued from a high kill shelter, along with his brother, on the day he was to be put down. I always wonder if there were other siblings he left behind that weren’t so lucky to be hand-picked for rescue. A kind lady in the Bay Area (California) would drive out to the rural areas, where the animals were more likely to be put down due to overcrowding, to pick up as many cats as she could before they were to meet their doom – usually orange males. Why? Because in her experience, orange male cats were the friendliest and, hence, the easiest to get adopted.

cute ginger cat playing with a falling leave
I can levitate a leaf | ©Jenna Johanna

Russi a lovely ginger cat is so loving and affectionate that no one can tell that he was once a feral cat. This is Russi’s story by his hooman, Jenna Johanna.

Russi was born in may 2006. When he arrived to my (Jenna’s) house together with his brothers, he was a feral. It took me months before I could even touch him the first time. It was a long trusting process, but today I almost can’t remember that he used to be so scared of people. He is the most loving and trusting cat.

cute ginger cat jumping high
I can levitate myself too! | ©Jenna Johanna