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cute tabby kitten playing with toy
"Hai I am Moritz. I just caught this pink birdie!"

Max and Moritz, 2 lovely tabbies, were born in the shelter in Germany. Their cat mama was brought into the shelter pregnant. Several weeks after the kittens were born, Tina Weber’s mother saw their photos on the internet. “My mom instantly fell in love with them, so she rushed to the car right away and was on her way to bring the kittens home,” said Tina.

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cute gray kitten
"Hai, I am Millie." | photo by ©Edgar

Written by ©Ron.

We brought Millie home on May 17, 2010. After I retired from teaching, I worked for 6 years at the local library. A group of those I worked with go to lunch monthly and one of those coworkers, our friend Heide, showed up at the May luncheon with photos of five orphaned kittens. Heide has always been active in finding homes for kitties (she has five of her own) and asked if any of those at the luncheon that day could provide a home to one or more of these adorable little cats. The next day we went to see the kittens. We were immediately drawn to a little gray one who reminded us of our dear Margo who died in 2005. Margo was a gray “dilute tabby” and it appeared that this was also the color of this new little girl. She has a distinct “M” on her forehead (more so than most tabbies) so we decided to call her “Millie.”

cute rescued kitten
"Hai, I am Sasami. Mommy found me on the street."

Sasami was born a little feral, and later got separated from his litter. He was wandering around the street one day, not knowing what his life had in store for him. A person named C.K. came up to him. “I saw him on the street, obviously sick. His eyes were watery and nose was runny, so I immediately grabbed him and started looking around to see if he had a owner, but I saw no one.” C.K. took the little guy home. When Sasami first arrived in his new home, he explored around the apartment and loved everything he saw and touched.

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