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This tiny furry rescue family will melt your heart!

“These were rescue kittens born under our house. The mother Eni is now our loving family member and all the kitties were given to homes,” said Cat K. “No more kitties from Eni, when we decided to keep her we had her fixed but as you see we do have wonderful memories of the kittens she had.”

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When a family rescued 2 cats from a woman who bred kittens irresponsibly, they were told that the kitties were both males. Not only did they discover that one of them is in fact a female, they saw her belly grow bigger and bigger. Then one day it popped.

The cat mama is very young, but she’s doing a fantastic job and is in great health. Mama gave birth to two kittens, but only Boo the tabby survived. Boo looks like a mini version of her. The cat father has been neutered and they are planning to have the mama fixed as soon as the baby is on solids. “(The mama cat) was kept separate until he had the surgery and was healed but we just noticed her belly growing so we couldn’t get her neutered… as soon as baby is on solids mama will be neutered as will Boo (the kitten) at 6 months,” they said via reddit.

“We will definitely keep the kitten, we have the mother and the father…” They are keeping the family of three together.

The family rescued 2 cats, and one of them’s belly started to grow. One day it popped. Boo the kitten was born. He’s a mini version of his mom.

mama cat and her mini me

They rescued the cat mom and the cat dad from an irresponsible breeder.

mama cat and cat dad

They are keeping the three together. A happy furry family!

mama cat and her mini me

 Update: New photo from the happy furry family

happy cat family rescue

Photos via reddit.

This family of six was found outside Cat Protection Bridgend Adoption Center just two days ago. Someone drove them off and left. The kittens are around 5 – 6 weeks old. Though the shelter was running out of room, they brought them in and did everything they could to make room for the family. Four of them got the look after their mother, and they are all boys. The tortie is the only girl in the gang.

Furry family of six got a second chance at life

cute rescue furry family cats protection

Sister and brother

cute rescue furry family cats protection

4 boys and 1 girl

cute rescue furry family cats protection

What they need next is their forever loving homes.

Photos by Cat Protection Bridgend Adoption Centre (Facebook).

Two little kittens are the spitting image of their parents. One looks like the cat father, the other mirrors his cat mother.

Happy furry family:

cute kitty family clone kitten babies

cute big kitty furry family

Right before the tiger tabby was scheduled to be neutered, they found out that the cat mama was pregnant according to the owner. Two beautiful kittens were born. They kept the entire family together and had the kitties fixed.

Photos via dutianya.

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cute rescued kitten and mother cat at the North Burleigh Surf Lifesaving Club
Photo: Brendan Radke

Five kittens were rescued on a Gold Coast Beach in Australia last night. Residents and tourists spotted someone dumping the kittens along with the mother cat near the North Burleigh Surf Life Saving Club.

Though the rescuers were able to retrieve all the kittens in about two hours, the mother cat was nowhere to be found.

Until this morning, a few people heard meowing coming from a storm water drain. They contacted the RSPCA who later received help from the Queenland Fire and Rescue Service. They “hosed the drain” to try to get the cat out. Eventually they were able to capture the mother cat and reunite the entire furry family.