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cute kitten oscar cat predicts death

Oscar the cat who is known to habitually curl up on a bed with a terminally ill patient a couple hours before the patient departs. There are many speculations about why Oscar shows such unique ability.

The most probable explanation is that cats’ characteristic of being creatures of habits and the heavy dependence on their sense of smell in virtually every aspect of their life are perhaps the cause of Oscar’s “sixth sense.”

There has not been any scientific research on what may trigger Oscar’s ability to detect imminent death. However, it is very likely that certain scent or pheromone is the contributor to his behavior.

Dr. David Dosa was on Fox 64 this morning to talk about Oscar and the book (Making Rounds with Oscar: The Extraordinary Gift of an Ordinary Cat) he wrote about this unbelievable feline. All the videos I found on YouTube are recorded back in 2007. This is perhaps the newest interview with Dr. David Dosa.

Click play to watch the video:

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cute oscar cat predicts death

Oscar, a therapy cat at the Steere House Nursing and Rehabilitation Center in Providence, Rhode Island, was called the cat who could predict death or even a “furry grim reaper” or “four-legged angel of death.”

I was a bit irked, when the news about Oscar came about in the New England Journal of Medicine back in 2007, portraying the cat in a way that some people found it creepy. Though Dr. David Dosa who broke the news in the paper said he never intended to make Oscar sound negative, unfortunately, many people who read that piece might not truly understand such behavior.

Many cats have the ability to tell if somebody might be sick, including their own peers. When a person is ill, the body is thought to emit a slightly different scent or pheromone that an animal such as a cat can easily detect. In a multi-cat household, an ear mite infected cat is often found being cared for by his feline buddies. The way they care for each other is by grooming into the ears. In other cases, a sick cat tends to alienate himself from his own colony in order to prevent being attacked by other cats because his different smell may trigger an alarm with other cats within the same colony.