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This litter of 7 very playful and demanding kitties were brought into Annex Cat Rescue (Canada) and put in foster care. While they were at the foster home, they totally took over. The bed in the bedroom became their own nestling place.

Thanks to Annex Cat Rescue, all 7 of them have found their forever loving homes. “Affectionately known as the Anne of Green Gables kittens. Anne, Avonlea, Cordelia, Diana, Gilbert, Matthew, and Prince Edward are all adopted into their forever homes as of November 2011.”

They took over the bed

cute rescue foster kittens a litter of 7

Precious little ones

cute rescue foster kittens a litter of 7

Photos courtesy of Annex Cat Rescue (flickr).

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Nugget is loving his new life, learning all the interesting things around him.

Nugget explores around the house:

cute white kitten exploring

… climbs to the top of the cat tree:

cute white kitten climbs cat tree

… gets tickled and giggles with his hooman:

cute kitten gets tickled

Photos by Kelly P via our favorite cute site Cuteoverload!

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