This is a beautiful story of a rescue kitten from the day he was found to today. See how far he’s come…

“I’ve always said that the cat I was meant to have would come to me. Well, Boosie came a two day old cold, wet, ant and flea-ridden little bundle of hope,” said Boosie’s mom.

“I was up every 2 hours for the first 2 weeks making sure he was fed, warm, and stimulated.” When she needed a break, her boyfriend would take over some shifts so she could get some rest.

Over time, Boosie grew and thrived.

Day 1 at his forever loving home. He was cold, wet and flea-ridden

cute rescue orphan kitten

They bottle fed him every 2 hours. This is him sleeping with a full belly

cute kitten sleeping after bottle of kitten formula

Eyes completely opened

cute rescue kitten gets bigger

Boosie’s favorite toy. “It’s mine!”

cute rescue kitten's favorite stuffed animal

Litter box training. Success!

cute rescue kitten litter box training

He finds out that boxes and baskets are a load of fun

cute rescue kitten develops a liking in boxes

Boosie today!

cute rescue kitten today

His growth process

rescue kitten growth process

Photos via imgur.