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Moo the cat runs to the front door to greet her human dad everyday without fail. She meows and gives…


Kitty loves his new toy. Is that for me? Weee! Photos via reddit.


My pillow! I has a happy! Photo via tumblr

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Ollie the kitten has grown to enjoy being bottle fed. This little furball was rescued in a park when he…


Happy kitty is happy! Daily Kitten¬†said on their blog: “I rescued a pregnant feral cat for a local rescue who…

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“It’s a kitten who’s just a couple weeks old, teeth hasn’t grown out yet,” said kitty’s human friend via reddit.…


Samantha the tuxedo chirps and purrs in bliss when her dad gives her pets.


What makes this kitty happy? A little cuddling will do! Have you hugged your kitty today? Me want a hug……