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Chii and Dorami, two ginger cats, are very loved and revered by the fishermen on Kasado Island in Japan. They live happily on a fish farm and are fed and looked after by the fishermen.

The mother (15 years old) and daughter (12 years old) cats share a special bond with the people on the island. “I think of them as family members,” said Satoru Kuramoto, an official of the Kudamatsu municipal fish farming center, who feeds the cats regularly.

“The cats give a great boost to the employees here who have to work alone at sea,” said Yuji Kuyama, director of operation.

The employees made a house specially for Chii and Dorami on a floating platform. Whenever the fishermen dock to the shore, the feline duo come onboard and accompany them during their daily work. They even protect the fish from predators. When birds try to catch the fish, the cats chase them away.

Every day around the same time, Chii and Dorami are waiting at the same place for their human companions. They always bring a smile to the fishermen.

Watch video below.

Chii and Dorami, mother and daughter cats, live happily on a fish farm on Kasado Island in Japan

cats living on fish farm in japan

They are revered by the local fishermen who think of them as their family members.

cats living on fish farm in japan

The cats wait for the fishermen to come every day and keep them company during their work.

cats living on fish farm in japan

The fishermen built a house specially for them on a floating platform.

cats living on fish farm in japan

The employees from the fish farm feed the cats and look after them like their own.

cats living on fish farm in japan

Chii and Dorami always bring a smile to the people at the farm.

cats living on fish farm in japan

Watch Video:

Source: Asahi.comLife With Cats

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A Japanese photographer named Fubirai has been documenting lives of cats in the Fukuoka prefecture, situated on the northern shore of the island of Kyushu in Japan. He takes regular trips to the area where most residents rely on fishing for a living. They share a beautiful relationship with the cats. When fishermen return from the sea, there is a crowd of furry kitties waiting for them to dock. They always feed the 4-legged ones first. The islanders let the cats roam around on their boats, yards, even let them in their houses for visits. [Fubirari’s blog]

Fubirai plays with the cats while capturing the moments with his camera. He’s bonded with quite a few furry friends that he visits on a regular basis. These kitties have brought the local people a piece of tranquility and something to look forward to after a long day of hard work.

Photos by ©Fubirari, who has documented these cats lives on Fukuoka shore. More photos.

When there are fishermen on an island in Japan, they always seem to have a group of loyal feline followers. Like the Cat Island in Tashirojima, cats are treated with love and respect by the fishermen in Fukuoka prefecture, situated on the northern shore of the island of Kyushu in Japan.

The cats are welcome into fishermen’s boats, homes as if they are the ones that truly run the shore. Cats are often coddled like part of the fishermen’s families. They feed them daily and play with them whenever the cats demand play time. These island cats seem to have created such a bond with their human friends. It’s amazing to see them fishing together by the shore or just hanging out on the door steps playing with children.

cute island mama cat and kittens on fukuoka shore
Love between mama and kittens
cute island cat resting by the sea in fukuoka
Waiting for the fishermen to return
cute island mama cat nursing caring for kittens on fukuoka shore
Fuzzy family
cute island cat hanging out with fisherman in fukuoka
Kitty lazing by the shore with his favorite hooman friend

More photos of Fukuoka island cats: