cute burmese cats
Yuki (L) and Mizu (R) perched on our bookcase. Yuki is cross-eyed. You can see how the edge of the bookcase has suffered from their attempts to climb up there. | photo by ©Jim Skea

Written by Jim Skea from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Along the years, 11 cats have shared our apartments. In the beginning there were the Two Brothers, Obelix and Psi. Later Pim arrived, rescued from Gloria Marina where we found her injured. The vet advised us that she should stay home and be cared for for a couple of weeks. She’s still with us today.

Psi passed away before I got my first digital camera. Obelix lived a little longer, but went ahead in 2006. Only Pim remained. Those were peaceful times.

One fine afternoon, a Burmese named Mikita arrived in the apartment. She was not treated well by her previous owner. However, after she came to us, she adjusted quickly in her new home and put on some weight.

cute cat family sleeping on couch
Group nap! | photo by ©Jim Skea