Adorable Cat And Dog Friends

by Love Meow on Nov 22nd, 2013 | 3 Comments

Watch the love that this cat and dog have for each other.

Cute Kitten Gives Kisses

by Love Meow on Nov 2nd, 2013 | 3 Comments

Tiny kitten kisses her human on her face. Too cute!

Cute Cat Kisses

by Love Meow on Sep 7th, 2013 | 7 Comments

Tonky the cat gives his human mom the sweetest kisses.

Bit and Bolt the Lucky Ginger Brothers

by Love Meow on May 27th, 2012 | 6 Comments

Bit and Bolt have come a long way since the day they were rescued along with their mama cat Honey. On day 5, eyes still closed, they snuggle in a pile 5 days later, exploring and seeing the world for the first time… Almost one month, somethings never change… Photos and story courtesy of ©Jean [...]

Love and Kisses

by Love Meow on Mar 13th, 2012 | 6 Comments

Bad day. Here I fix it. “I dont think kittens could ever have enough kisses. they’re just so lovable,” said Zelkova. Photo by ©Zelkova Ragdolls.

Tiny Fuzzy Finger Kisser

by Love Meow on Feb 20th, 2012 | 12 Comments

I am Kisses and I will hug you and give you lots of my kisses. You can’t stop me! “She came into the shelter all by her lonesome and she’s being fostered by Katherine, the foster care coordinator. Katherine has a mama cat in her care too, and when Mama heard Kisses crying, she offered [...]

Would You Be My Valentine?

by Love Meow on Feb 13th, 2012 | 8 Comments

Grey Kitty: “Would you be my valentine and clean my face every day?” Ginger Kitty: “Yes, yes, yes, yes I would!”

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