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When they took a tabby cat into their home, her belly started to grow. Unknown to everyone, she was pregnant for a few days at the time. Then 9 weeks later, this happened.

“She was already pregnant for a few days when I got her…. Her belly just got bigger, so I went to the vet with her and she confirmed that my cat is pregnant. And there isn’t usually a problem in giving away young kittens to private hands. Giving them to the shelter is the last thing I want to do,” said Mr Ari via reddit.

When she came to her new home, she came with a full belly. 9 weeks later, this happened:

cute kittens given birth to cat mama

5 tiny furballs lined up together.

cute kittens given birth to cat mama

Photos via reddit.

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Poly kitty Amerigo is showing off his big, adorable mittens. This little foster is ready to start a new adventure into a loving home :).

Here is Amerigo’s story. (update: Amerigo has been adopted! Yay!)

cute polydactyl kitten paws up surrender
cute polydactyl paws up surrender hemingway cat
Big poly mittens!

Here is a poly hello from Amerigo.

Amerigo, his siblings and mama cat are located in New Prague, Minnesota. Photos courtesy of ©Jean (More updates at flickr: wee3beasties)