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Wiley was born to a rescue cat mama. It’s been only seven weeks, but the little fuzzball has grown so much.

“I only have six days left with my little crew! I’m so going to miss them but am excited for them to start their new lives in their forever homes,” said Lindsey their foster mom.

Hello world!

cute foster kitten new born

Opened eyes to see for the first time

cute foster kitten opens eyes to see for the first time

Getting very playful

cute foster kitten gets fluffier and more playful

…and mischievous

cute kitten foster kitten tongue

Wiley today

cute kitten foster kitten

Photos ourtesy of Lindsey. More at Diary of a Foster Cat. He will be off to his forever loving home in a couple of weeks. Yay! Their cat mother Muriel is a loving, dedicated mama.

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Muriel the cat mama is very tied up with all the tiny paws and hungry mouths. This beautiful black rescue just gave birth to a litter of five.

“She’s been such a brave girl. She didn’t meow at all on the car ride to my house and has been such a sweetheart. She’s all black with a little white spot on her chest. She’s very small and I thought maybe she was a ‘teenager’ like Norma was, but apparently she’s six years old! Needless to say, she’s had a lot of experience with the whole mommy thing and definitely knows what she’s doing with the kittens. There are three black and white ones and two gray and white ones,” said Lindsey, their foster mom.

Love and kisses:

cute black cat mama kisses baby kitten

A little chin hug:

cute black rescue cat mama snuggling baby kitten tuxedo

cute black rescue cat mama snuggling baby kitten chin hug

Food time is a frenzy, but mama is a good sport.

cute black cat mama nursing baby kittens

Photos and story courtesy of Lindsey. You can follow the kitties’ progress at her lovely blog.

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It has been seven weeks since Finn and Dash came to this world. They then opened their eyes to see for the first time and learned to eat solid food and use the litter boxes. The kittens are spoiled and loved by every human and furry kind in the house. Dexter the Ragdoll became their cat-sitter, watching them play, wash them up after meals, and let them nuzzle next to him for extra TLC.

It’s become bittersweet for Lindsey to know that the kittens are getting ready for adoption. “I still don’t know exactly when they’ll all be going back (to the shelter)…. I’m hoping I’ll just be able to keep them until the day they get neutered… and get picked up by their new owners the next day.”

Dash and Finn, a few days after they were born:

cute fosters snuggling baby kittens

2 weeks later, their eyes opened, ears perked up, stronger and fluffier:

cute fuzzy foster kittens snuggling

Getting their own purrsonalities:

cute kittens sleeping on carpet paws up surrender
cute kittens napping on carpet

Photos courtesy of Lindsey (blog: Daily of a Foster Cat). We hope Dash and Finn have a wonderful next chapter in their lives. Norma the beautiful tortie cat mama also needs a home.

Dexter an one year old fluffy cat has a big heart for little foster kittens. Ever since Finn and Dash came to their foster home, Dexter has taken to them with open arms. He is like the furry dad that the two orphan kittens never had [edit: their cat mama Norma is in the foster home too]. Dexter is teaching the kitties how to be a man-cat.

Here is Dexter snuggling with Finn and sharing a precious moment together:

cute house cat dexter cuddling foster kitten finn
cute house cat dexter cuddling foster kitten finn


Photos courtesy of Lindsey (flickrLindsey’s kitty blog). Finn looks up to Dexter like a son to a father: