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Lucky the kitty has come a long way since he came to Big City Little Kitty. He is completely blind, and when he arrived in his foster home, he was covered in filth.

They think Lucky was most likely born blind, but the little guy surely doesn’t think he has any physical limitations. With a lot of TLC, Lucky has grown stronger and bigger. It may take him sometime to figure out his surroundings, but Lucky is always happy and doesn’t think he is any different.

When Lucky came to his foster home, he was covered in dirt

lucky the rescue cat transformation

lucky the rescue cat transformation

They cleaned him up and gave him a lot of TLC

lucky the rescue cat transformation

lucky the rescue cat transformation

Lucky has really turned the corner…

lucky the rescue cat transformation

It’s hard to believe that he’s blind. Lucky can’t see, but he doesn’t let it limit him.

lucky the rescue cat transformation

Photos by Lisa V and Eva P.

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A tiny bitty orphan kitten just hours old was rescued by North Brooklyn Cats.

“He’s just hours old. Except for some fly eggs in his left ear and general crustiness, he seems ok. At first feeding he only had a few drops of formula, but we’ll try again every hour overnight and hope he latches on,” said Lisa the foster mom.

“It’s always hard for them at such a young age to pull through without a feline mom, but in Lisa’s hands is the best shot this little guy has,” said Stephanie via Big City Little Kitty & Friends.

Saved just hours after he was born

rescue baby kitten north brooklyn cats

rescue baby kitten north brooklyn cats

rescue baby kitten north brooklyn cats

Hang in there little buddy! We’re all pulling for you!

Photos courtesy of Lisa and Stephanie.

Jello, Dizzy and Kazoo were born with a condition that makes them wobble when they walk. They were found in a cardboard box in a gutter around the corner from the shelter. Lisa, an experienced fosterer took them in, helped them rehab and found them a chance to live a normal happy life.

“They have a condition known as cerebellar hypoplasia that was passed on to them from their mother before they were born. Kazoo is the least affected and only shakes a little, Dizzy gets excited and does flips and falls over.. Jello can only stand for short periods of time and gets around by pushing and pulling herself. All are in good health and can lead long normal lives, but need extra special care.”

During foster care, volunteers worked on strengthening their legs and doing play “rehab” with a laser pointer, which the kitties always love.

Today all three kitties are living happily at their forever homes. they are very loved and don’t need pity for the way they walk, because they think they are just fine.

cute rescue cats born with cerebellar hypoplasia

cute rescue cats born with cerebellar hypoplasia

cute rescue cats born with cerebellar hypoplasia

All three switched on their purr motors:

Kosmo (formerly Kazoo) hanging out on the hallway with foster mom:

Photos courtesy of ©Lisa Vallez (flickr: lisacat), more photos of the kitties.

Albert was found as a teeny bitty orphan kitten along with his siblings (see more pictures). He is “one of three kittens found without a mother in the Brooklyn Botanical Garden.” said Lisa V., an avid rescuer and fosterer who took the tiny kittens into her care.

Albert has come a long way since then. He’s all grown up today and lives happily with Christy and Kevin who saved him and gave him a forever home.

Christy and Kevin saved Albert when he was a wee baby

 Albert being bottle fed around the clock by his foster mom Lisa

All grown up

Photos courtesy of ©Lisa Vallez (flickr: lisacat). Check out their rescues at Big City Little Kitty.

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Meet Silvio aka Prince Myshkin. He was a little bottle kitten when he was pulled from Animal Control by Eva P. an avid animal rescuer from Brooklyn, New York. She delivered the little gray kitty to Lisa V., who has fostered a countless number of kittens and cats. When she received the little one, she saw nothing but love and a strong will to live.

Fast forward to today. Silvio has grown into a real prince. He was given a second chance, and today he has a place he calls his forever home.

Silvio aka Prince Myshkin gives a wink!

cute rescue russian blue bottle kitten

Getting bigger

cute rescue russian blue kitten

See little Silvio in action:

Silvio gives a surprise look before a cute chin attack

cute rescue russian blue kitten

Silvio today

cute rescue russian blue cat today

Photos courtesy of Lisa V. (flickr: lisacat).

This lucky little kitten has come a long way since the day she was spotted along with her two siblings Heaven and Angel. “They were found in a plastic bag…. Only days old, they still had their umbilical cords attached,” said Lisa, who fostered the trio and found them good homes.

“I will miss her goofiness, but she has a great home with her brother, Heaven!” Lisa wrote.

Just rescued

cute rescue baby kitten star

Getting bigger and fluffier

cute rescue cow kitten star

Star adopted!

cute rescue cow kitten star

Star in action:

Photos courtesy of Lisa V. (flickr: lisacat).

Rozza may not have the best motor skills and is a bit different when he walks. He has cerebellar hypoplasia, a neurological disorder, but this little guy has such spirit that has uplifted the hearts of many.

“Rozza was rescued in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. A woman was walking a friend’s dog and noticed the dog was carrying something in his mouth. She thought it was a rat, but it turned out to be a tiny kitten less than a week old… The woman rushed him to the vet who told her to get a bottle and formula and try to feed him. When she went to Muddy Paws for supplies, Robin referred her to me. I took him in and have cleaned him up, removing the fly eggs from two wounds…,” said Lisa Vallez, animal rescuer from Brooklyn, New York.

In just 2 months, Rozza got much bigger, stronger and more defined markings on his face. He is eager to play. Pouncing, bunny kicking and wrestling with toys are within his daily routine. He is not afraid of exploring and investigating new things around the house. Rozza plays just like any other kitties, and is so upbeat that everyone from the rescue group became his biggest fans.

Rozza doesn’t think he is any different from other cats. To him, a bit of wobbling is not a big deal. He is happy and loves his life to the fullest.

cerebral hypoplasia snow shoe kitty
Rozza does a little cheer for his new foster mama, on Mother's Day
cerebellar hypoplasia rescue kitten
cerebellar hypoplasia kitty napping
After running down the hallway Rozza tuckered out in a big pocket!

Kudos to Lisa V., Kim, Stephanie S., Orangegenius and those who helped foster Rozza. Rozza has been adopted to a wonderful couple. Here is a video of Rozza wrestling with a pink leg warmer: