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cute foster kittens snuggles

Written by ©Lise-Marie (flickr: matiescat).

These two beautiful kittens were found as part of a litter of 4 kittens born to one of the stray mommy cats at my place of work. Our office park is in a main industrial/retail hub, and we have quite a number of ferals in the area. They are extremely wild and attempts to capture and neuter/spay them have up to now unfortunately for the most part been unsuccessful.

The security guards at work caught the kittens when they were about 4-5 weeks old. Two of the kittens were

cute rescue kitten gandalf paws up surrender
Gandalfie the white in dreamland
cute rescue kitten sleeping pink paw pads
Sweet little rescue Gandalf(ie)

Written by ©Lise-Marie (flickr: matiescat).

In October 2008 I received a call from my vet saying that someone had brought in a four-day-old kitten that they found in the road in Stellenbosch (Western Cape, South Africa). As I was equipped with everything needed and had experience in raising such young kittens, the tiny baby was placed in my care. To this day no one knows how he came to be all alone in the middle of the road… all we knew was that he was a little fighter. Accordingly he was