Question from Sarah:

I am planning on adopting a cat from a local shelter in the next few months. I am now living in a one bedroom apartment that has a very small bathroom. I was wondering what a good place would be for a litter box, for kitty and my comfort? Or if there is any type of litter box that would suit my small space situation? Thank you so much for reading this.

Answer from Amy:

Hi Sarah,

Thank you so much for considering adopting a cat from the shelter. I am very excited for you.

Cats have several litter box pet-peeves:

  1. Placing their food too close to the litter
  2. Keeping the litter box too close to their hang out spots
  3. Using the litter box in a noisy area
  4. Having no privacy while eliminating
  5. Dirty litter box

Keep Food & Water Away from the Litter Box

The reason to keep food and water as far away as possible from the litter box is because cats have a very strong sense of smell. It is their most reliable apparatus to identify objects. Cats have a blind spot where they cannot see things right underneath their chin very well, so when they are eating, they depend heavily upon their nose to tell them where the food is and how tasty it is. That explains why when cats are having a cold or a runny nose, they often lose appetite because they simply cannot smell the food. The odor from the litter can throw off their appetite if the food is placed too close to the litter.

Keep the Litter Box away from Their Hang out Spots