cute kitten
"Hai I am Lucy!"
cute gray kitten
Lucy (Picture we saw on the Almost Home Foundation website)

We met little Lucy on a Saturday at an adoption event. We were looking to adopt another cat, another fur friend for our three boys. Lucy who was grabbing and nibbling on her care taker at the time, caught my attention. She was very tiny and her head was smaller than half the size of my hand. Her big ears were perked up when I said “Hi!” to her. I put her in my arms, she started to purr aloud. At that point I knew I had found my kitty. It was definitely love at first sight.

Lucy was a kitten rescued by Almost Home Foundation hours before she and her littermates were being put down at a kill shelter. She was only a few weeks old. On the website Lucy says: “I love to snuggle and I purr 24/7. Considering I was hours away from being put down at a High Kill Shelter, I really love life.  Maybe that’s why I love life.”

I emailed Jessica, a volunteer from the shelter and told her how I felt about Lucy, hoping they agreed that we would be the right family for her. Several days later, Jessica got an answer from Lucy’s foster mom, Sabrina that they were happy to let us take Lucy home! I was overjoyed.