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A black and white stray cat made his way into the hearts of the marines in Okinawa Japan. He became a cuddly buddy. “He would snuggle up to people sleeping during lunch without them knowing,” said reddit user Squillbill.

“He was really skinny when we first found him. (We) started feeding him tuna and he got fat in less than 2 weeks.”

Snuggling up to people sleeping during lunch without them knowing

stray cat cuddling with marine

Edit: We contacted the original poster about the cat. Here is what he wrote to us:

“Unfortunately we were told the cat could not stay and were forced to bring him to a shelter. Being in Okinawa most of us live in the barracks and cannot have pets. But we all wanted to keep him.”

He is lovely cat with a loving heart and deserves a wonderful home. We hope there is something we can do to help those animals. They just want love and a person to cuddle with.

Source: reddit.

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Guest Author: Angela Townsend from Tabby’s Place

cute ginger rescue cat
Pikachu | photo by Tabby's Place

Once upon a time, Mango held the honor of having traveled farther than any other cat to get to Tabby’s Place.

Sure, Mango’s home state of Arizona is about 2,000 miles from Ringoes, NJ. But in comparison with Okinawa, Japan…well, we can practically see Arizona out the sanctuary windows. I promised I’d tell the full story of the Okinawa kids, and today I make good on that promise.

Sorry, Mango, but you’ve met your match: it is nearly 8,000 miles from Okinawa, Japan to Ringoes, NJ. For a young Marine (who, for reasons that will immediately become clear, shall hereafter be known as Hero Marine), no distance was too far to save three lives.

Kimiko shortly before her flight to NJ | photo by Amanda Nemeth

In 2009, the active duty United States Marine began feeding a mother cat and her kittens outside his apartment. Hero Marine was devastated when his housing agency ordered him to stop feeding the felines. Each day the cats grew weaker, and Hero Marine could not live with their starving to death. Determined to save the cats, he donated $1,000 – an extraordinary sum for a young serviceman – to have the cats rescued, sterilized and given medical treatment.

Alas, the felines were still in grave danger. The shelter housing the cats was to be demolished in mid-2010, at which time the cats would be euthanized by mass gassing.

Hero Marine contacted the Okinawan American Animal Rescue Society (OAARS), and the American Military community raced to the rescue. Volunteers led by OAARS president Miyahira San and Americans Amanda and Andrew Nemeth contacted the cats’ only hope of a long-term refuge: Tabby’s Place.

Sailors and cats have shared a special bond for thousands of years. Cats provided not only companionship that sailors needed on their long and sometimes dreadful voyages, they also protected the ship from vermin such as rats and mice from chewing and damaging the ship and spreading diseases.

This photo was taken in Korea in 1953. The little kitten named Miss Hap was only two weeks old. She became an orphan because of war and was rescued by Marine Sergeant Frank Praytor. He adopted the kitten after the mother cat died from the war. According to the marine, the name was derived “because she was born at the wrong place at the wrong time.”

sailor feeding kitten cat pic