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This kitty is very special. He used to be a stray cat living in the outdoors of the middle east until he was taken in, and now he’s a “working cat” who helps the troops take the rat issue under control and provides that sense of home to the soldiers deployed.

Reddit user eppemsk (who is from the army) was taking a break with the cat when the picture was taken. “Apparently they authorize working cats to catch mice and rats. It’s unspecific for a reason. I’m still deployed… one of my soldiers took the picture while I was asleep.”

Many people who know some of the military rules are surprised to see this. “We were just as surprised as you to find out that you can have ‘pets’. This was a stray cat that some soldiers found… Someone took him to the vet and got him vaccinated, neutered, and chipped. He is now officially a military working animal and is registered as a PFC (Private First Class).”

 Soldier taking a nap with their mouser cat

soldier napping with working cat in middle east

soldier napping with working cat in middle east

We got an update from Kevin (eppemsk):

“So I got a lot of emails asking for more information on the Army cat. We decided to release his name, hopefully his undercover operations infiltrating the local Rodent Terrorist Cell isn’t compromised. His name is PFC Bartholomew. I did not find him. I support another unit and their Lieutenant found him on Christmas Eve and realized how much the soldiers would love having a cat. He took him to a vet and had had him vaccinated, neutered, a chip put in, and his ear notched so people would know he was safe. Shortly after all this he was returned to our “site” at which time he moved into my tent. He has already obtained 2 confirmed mice kills but the rat has been evading him for a week. I’ve promised him a membership to the Fish of the Month Club if he kills the rat.”

cute rescue stray cat mouser US army

Reddit user eppemsk.

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Cats have been the heroes at the world-famous St. Petersburg’s Hermitage Museum in Russia. Having felines as the protectors against rodents goes back 200 years for the museum.

Last Saturday Russia celebrated Tomcat day, their “professional” holiday for the 50 cat staff of the Hermitage.

“The museum’s attic will exhibit paintings and photos by professional painters as well as schoolchildren and students, who were inspired by the image of the cat.

Cats have always been a significant part of the museum’s life. They first settled down in the halls of the Hermitage when the museum was founded by Catherine the Great in the 18th Century, and were immediately granted the status of “Hermitage guards”.

At present, the estimated 50 cats of the Hermitage, each of them having its own passport with a picture, help the staff to do away with rodents.” –

“They execute so-called preventative activities so that rats and mice will stay away or are kept at a minimum,” museum worker Marie Khaltunen tells National Geographic through a translator. Though tourists are not allowed into the cats’ living quarters, “All the museum visitors can see them in the summer,” Khaltunen adds. “Generally they walk on the square and on the embankment, and also they come out into the big yard.” –

Towser was famous for her record breaking mouse catching skills. In fact she was so incredible that she made it in the Guinness Book of Records as the world’s best mouser with a solid count of 28,899 mice.

Towser was a long-haired tortoiseshell that was born on April 21, 1963. She lived 24 years of her life in Glenturret Distillery, Scotland. The area is well known for its whisky production. The barley stores in a distillery often attract mice like bees to a honeypot, thus for many decades, Glenturret has always appointed a feline guard to be the mouse control expert.

No one knew the exact number of mice Towser caught during her life time. According to a study by the Guinness book of records, Towser’s prowess was put under observation for a number of days. The final count was measured based on the statistical information collected. However, this number might not be completely accurate, but having the ability to catch an average of three mice or more per day is definitely impressive.

Towser’s fame lived on in the city where people erected a bronze statue for her after her passing. Also, they honored her feat by using her paw prints on the label of every bottle of Fairlie’s light Highland Liquor.

Several cats were chosen to be her successors, but none of them matched her mousing skills.