2 Week Old Foster Kittens First Snuggle & Nap With a Human

by Love Meow on Jan 30th, 2015 | Comments Off

These 2 week old kittens are snuggling with their foster dad for the first time… “Bella & Bosco are just barely over 2 weeks old… They crawl up Justin’s body and settle in together for their first snuggle and naps on a human.”

Cat Finds Human Dad and Naps with Him No Matter Where He Falls Asleep

by Love Meow on Jan 12th, 2015 | Comments Off

This kitty and his human dad really like to take naps together. “No matter where my husband falls asleep my cat finds him and naps with him,” the wife wrote via reddit. Photos via imgur.

Tuxedo Kitties Piling Up

by Love Meow on Mar 21st, 2012 | 7 Comments

Kittens have a tendency to pile up together when they nap… One kitty is napping: Two others come over and pillow on their littermate: lots of snuggles and cuddles: Third kitty stretches and piles on the second These adorable fuzzballs are fosters from a litter of five. You can follow their story here. Photos courtesy […]

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