Ex-Serviceman Finds His 4-legged Best Friend

An ex-serviceman always wanted to have a 4-legged companion when he served in the Navy. After finishing his service, he went to the shelter one day, looking to adopt an animal, then a cat came to him and chose him to be his forever human. Malev0 from reddit said: “When I was in the Navy, […]

Navy Sailors Bonded with 3 Stowaway Kittens

It all began when Eric Hanst and his fellow sailors were Navy deployed overseas. When they were in port for a few days, they were greeted by an unexpected guest. “A cat came aboard via mooring line. We lost track of her, and found her later that evening. We managed to get her back to […]

Special Relationship Between Cats and Marine Soldiers

Sailors and cats have shared a special bond for thousands of years. Cats provided not only companionship that sailors needed on their long and sometimes dreadful voyages, they also protected the ship from vermin such as rats and mice from chewing and damaging the ship and spreading diseases. This photo was taken in Korea in […]

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