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A young Leopard cat was rescued from a construction site of a hillside in Taiwan. A woman spotted  the orphan wildcat covered in mud near a few working excavators in the vicinity. She thought it was a domestic cat and took it home to her care. Soon later, she discovered that what she brought home was in fact a Leopard cat, a small wild cat often seen in East Asia. She contacted the local wildlife rescue center where the wild kitten was checked out by a vet and given the proper care it needs.

The kitten is estimated to be 2 months old and healthy. They are currently rehabilitating the little wildcat and getting it ready before releasing it back to the wild.

cute rescue Leopard cat kitten in taiwan

cute rescue Leopard cat kitten in taiwan

cute rescue Leopard cat kitten in taiwan

Source: Taiwan Environmental Information Center

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The Margay, a beautiful spotted cat originated from Central and South America, loves to roam in rainforests. They look very similar to their relative, Ocelot. However, they are perhaps the most adept feline tree climbers in the world.

The Margay is a small wild cat that hunts at night [Sand Cat also hunts at night] and lives a solitary life. It can weight from 6 to 20 lbs (2 – 9kg) with a tail that is about the same length of its body. The Margays have many physical traits that make them the perfect tree climbers. Their long legs, lengthy tail and flexible joints give them the advantage to move swiftly and effortlessly in the trees. They almost always stay in the trees because it creates a safe ground for them from all the predators. They can leap from branches to branches with their tail that does wonders in balancing. They can even hang themselves upside down like a primate with just their hind legs. The Margays are the only felines that can turn their ankles 180 degrees outwards, so they can flexibly harness themselves with 2 feet while using their front legs to reach out for food.

(Click the video below to meet a beautiful Margay)