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On a popular trail at Colca Canyon in southern Peru, there is an odd-eyed cat that lives in one of the few houses in the canyon. Almost all of the tourists that are on this several day long trek make a stop at this spot. This beautiful cat has become the local celebrity to travelers. (reddit)

The kitty’s eyes are of different colors.

Colca Canyon peru odd eyed cat

He comes to greet tourists when they stop by.

Colca Canyon peru odd eyed cat

“Are you done with that?”

Colca Canyon peru odd eyed cat

Just posing for another human fan.

Colca Canyon peru odd eyed cat

The kitty is a local celebrity.

Colca Canyon peru odd eyed cat

Photos via reddit.

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“I got him from the SPCA and he was the only one out of his siblings who wasn’t adopted, which is insane to me! I’ve never met a sweeter cat,” said brittinea via reddit.

Sparrow the odd eyed cat, first day at his new home

odd eyed cat sparrow

He loves to sit by the window.

odd eyed cat sparrow

odd eyed cat sparrow

It’s hard to believe someone left him at the SPCA, but now he has a place to call his forever home.

odd eyed cat sparrow

This is Bowie. He’s a rescue deaf cat with a pair of beautiful odd-eyes. He turned 6 yesterday.

“Bowie is 100% deaf…. You can bang pots and pans behind his head and his ears don’t even twitch. When I was looking to adopt a cat, my boyfriend wasn’t interested in any of them because he was not a cat person. I found this little guy on a rescue for special needs cats, and he already had the name. It worked out to my advantage because my boyfriend loves David Bowie, and that’s kind of what won him over,” Bowie’s human wrote via reddit.

“We saw a pic of him as a tiny baby cat, maybe 6-8 weeks old. When we interviewed and met him, he was much bigger. He was around 8 months when we got him, and apparently people would pull out of the adoption when they found out that he is deaf.” They saw the situation Bowie was in and knew they had to take him home. “The lady that fostered him all that time was a cat hoarder and kept him in a small carrier at all times. She even fed him out of bird food trays on the inside of the carrier. When we brought him home he was terrified of open space. To this day, he loves boxes and small spaces.”

“I love him and adopting him is the best thing I could have done.”

Bowie the deaf cat just turned 6

bowie odd eyed deaf white cat turns 6

When he was a kitten (left), and all grown up today (right)

bowie odd eyed deaf white cat turns 6

bowie odd eyed deaf white cat turns 6

Photos via imgur.

This is an enchanting story of a 87-year-old grandmother and her beloved cat. Get the tissues ready.

Misao Ihara, a 87-year-old resident of Chiba Prefecture in Japan, found a tiny odd-eyed kitten in the shed about 9 years ago. He was born to a stray cat from the farm. Many odd-eyed white cats are deaf, and this kitty didn’t escape that fate. When Misao found him, she named him Fukumaru “in hope that ‘God of fuku’ (good fortune) comes and everything will be smoothed like a ‘maru’ (circle).” (Asian Offbeat)

12 years ago, Misao’s granddaughter Miyoko Ihara, Japanese photographer, started to take photos of her grandmother as part of her project. After her grandfather passed away, Miyoko decided to dedicate a series of photographs of her grandmother to commemorate her life. Since Misao had never taken many photographs when she was young, she was happy to be her granddaughter’s model. In 2003, Miyoko started documenting the chronicle of her grandmother and her beloved cat.

Fast forward to today, Misao and Fukumaru have lived together for about 9 years. Due to old age, Misao is losing hearing and her best furry companion has never been able to hear, but they seem to understand each other just by looking into their eyes.

Despite being in her late 80s, Misao continues to work in the fields, planting and weeding under the open sky, and Fukumaru never leaves her sight. The two are inseparable. There is a strong bond and mutual love that connect them. They don’t have to say much and they are both hard of hearing, but they get each other right away as if they can read each others mind.

“We’ll never be apart!”, says Misao to Fukumaru. (Asian Offbeat) “Both of them live in a tiny world, with dignity, with mutual love. Still today, under the blue sky, Misao and Fukumaru work in the fields and in these natural surroundings, where they shine like the stars.”

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Lux the cat has eyes of different colors. He has a fascination with light, thus the name – Lux, the Light Warrior. This is his story.

“I’ve always been a bit of a crazy cat lady at heart, and it wasn’t long after moving into an apartment complex surrounded by kitties that the boyfriend converted to a cat lover as well. It was the evening of Wednesday, January 19th that we were blessed with a little bundle of kitten joy,” said Lux’s human mom via Lux’s blog. They adopted Lux from a local shelter and the rest is history.

Lux is quite a character. He likes to hide under things, chew straws, occupy the sink when they try to brush teeth, jump up and down like a ninja, but mostly spend ample time with his sister Tetra aka Teddy. “Tetra is an absolute sweetheart. She and Lux are inseparable. We couldn’t be happier. They are the absolute best cats we could ask for. So proud and honored to be their guardians,” the human dad added via reddit.

Lux when he was little

lux the odd-eyed kitten

All grown up today!

He always sits in the sink, when they brush teeth

Lux cuddling with his sister Tetra

Lux and Tetra today

Photos via reddit. Follow Lux at Lux the Cat.

Mimo a beautiful odd-eyed white kitty was born to a feral cat that was rescued by Craig Street Cats. She may be partially deaf, but that doesn’t stop her from being a little ball of energy that she is.

Nicole said via Good Morning Kitten: “Mimo was adopted from Craig Street Cats in Winnipeg, Canada, an organization that focuses on handling our feral cat population. She would have been born to a feral queen who was brought in — unfortunately I never got to know her full history. I adopted her at the start of August to keep my other cat, Rosencrantz, company, after noticing behavioral problems from him related to being bored or lonely. He certainly isn’t anymore! The day I brought her home, she was practically glued to him, purring as she nuzzled up to him and mimicked everything he did.”

Mimo at her forever home

cute rescue white kitten with odd eyes

She is very loved.

cute rescue white kitten with odd eyes

Photos by Nicole. More photos at Good Morning Kitten.

Whiskey Anne has a face that makes heads turn. She has two different colored eyes – blue and yellow. This orphan stray had a rough beginning until she found the person she went home with.

“We found her as a stray when she was approx 6 months old. When we found her she was also missing four of her toes on one of her paws. I have to tell you that she is one of the sweetest kitty’s ever. If I hadn’t promised my eldest son he could name our next pet , she would have been called either Li-Kitty Split or Orphan Annie,” said Whiskey Anne’s family via reddit.

cute rescue calico with split face

Photo by chickiej75 via reddit.