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Voting has ended for the December cat of the month contest. The results are in. It was a very close match. The top 10 kitties were only a vote or 2 different from each other, so for December cat of the month, we will show you the winner and the 5 runner-up kitties :-).

All 43 kitties that entered this contest are winners too! They are now featured in the Love Meow Gallery and Facebook Fan page. We will make a video for them on our YouTube Channel later on today :-).

You can click here to see how you can join the next Cat of the Month Contest :-).

Here is a video that features all 43 kitty contestants! Aren’t they all so gorgeous!

You have chosen the following kitty to be the winner of the December Cat of the Month: *drum roll*

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We selected 30 finalists. You picked your favorite photos for the November Cat of the Month. All the votes are in. More than half of the pictures received very close votes. The first and second and third photos only have 1 vote difference. They are all winners in my eyes.

Now the November Cat of the Month is… Drum roll…


Love Meow November Cat of the Month - Pekoe

If you would like to enter your pictures for the December Cat of the Month, submit your photos to the Love Meow Facebook Page or email them to us at the following email address:

We received so many entries for the lolcat contest :-). I have divided them into 3 groups. You can vote for up to 3 photos in each group. 15 photos will advance to the final round.

First round: Thursday – Friday, voting ends by Friday night (US Central Time)

Final round: Saturday (or Caturday) – Sunday, voting ends by Sunday night (US Central Time)

Winner will be announced on Monday morning (US Central Time)

Winner will receive a copy of the book, I Can Has Cheezeburger? A LOLcat Colleckshun

4 runner-ups will receive a beautiful Love Meow Holiday Card.

Here are the 3 lolcat groups. Start your vote now:

Lolcat group 1

Lolcat group 2

Lolcat group 3

Good luck!

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Do you have a funny cat picture you’d like to share with the world?

Do you have a creative side that makes you a good caption writer?

Do you have a photo editor that you can use to edit pictures?

Love Meow is bringing you our first Love Meow LOLcat Contest!


The Winner will be given a copy of the book, I Can Has Cheezeburger? A LOLcat Colleckshun

The 4 runner-ups will receive a beautiful Love Meow Holiday Card.



If you are 13 or above, you are eligible to participate in this contest :-).

How it Works:

After 3 rounds of voting, the 2 winners have finally been chosen. All 8 final photos are incredibly adorable. They are all winners in my mind.

You have decided the following 2 photos to be the winners of this contest. Don’t forget how awesome the rest of the photos are. For the prizes, the first place will receive a Bergan Turbo Track Cat Toy. The second place will receive a Midwest Quiet Time Cat Bed. For the rest of the finalists, I have decided to give each of them a beautiful Cooper Post Card :-).

Now the winners of Cat Sleeping Pose Contest are:

First Place:

The Second Place:

Cinderella, cute cat

Voting starts now!

Preliminary round (Monday to Wednesday) – vote for your favorite pictures now!

We have over 60 entries in the cat sleeping photo contest.

There are 6 groups. Click on each group and vote for your 2 favorite pictures. 3 pictures that get the highest votes in each group will advance to the semi-final round (18 in total). Also, I will pick 2 pictures of the remaining photos to be the wild cards.

The preliminary round has been closed!

Semi-final will start on Thursday! :-) Stay tuned!

The 20 photos that will advance to the semi-final will be posted on Thursday.