Four Kittens Found in a Box Rescued by Caring Officers

A litter of four kittens was rescued from the extreme heat by two caring law enforcement officers who discovered them in a box at the side of a road in South Florida. The temperatures of last Thursday hit 91 degrees (32.8 degrees C). The Lee County Sheriff’s Office wrote via Facebook: “At 2:46 this afternoon, Captain Keith Day and Deputy Justin […]

Baltimore Police Officer Protects And Serves Both Two Legs And Four Paws

Baltimore police officer Jon Boyer who adopted the kitten he rescued, has pledged to protect and serve whether you’ve got two legs or four paws. Boyer found a little stray and brought her into the shelter. A few hours later, he came back and adopted the kitten who became one of Boyer’s three on-the-job rescue kitties. […]

Kitten Saved By Kind Person, Adopted By Police Officer

This tiny kitten had a rough start in life, but was saved by kind people and eventually found love and a forever home thanks to police officers at Tampa Police Department. “This cute kitty was tossed from a car to a panhandler on the corner. He flagged down an officer for help. But don’t worry, […]

Police Officer Saves Tiny Kitten From Abandoned Home

A teeny black kitten owes his life to a police officer Daniel Humphrey after being rescued from an abandoned home in Wilmington, Delaware. Several kittens they found didn’t make it, and then Officer Humphrey heard a faint kitten cry and started searching. “We were just looking, looking, looking and couldn’t find it,” he said. They […]

Garland Cop Rescues Kitten From SUV

by Love Meow on Jun 2nd, 2013 | 3 Comments on Garland Cop Rescues Kitten From SUV

A kitty got caught in traffic, but thanks to a Garland police officer and his quick actions, the kitty was saved and unharmed. Paul Clark, a motorcycle cop spotted a tiny yellow kitten running across the street and climbing up the back of an SUV that was pulled over behind a truck. Clark immediately informed […]

Stray Kitten Finds Police Officer To Go Home To

Real men love cats. A tiny stray kitten found a Baltimore police officer to be his human dad for life. “Officer Boyer came to the rescue twice today. First when he came to the aid of a stray kitten and again, a few hours later, when he adopted him. (That now makes Officer Boyer a […]

Police Officer & His Beloved Rescue Cats

Real men love cats. Tracy Glenn, a young police officer is the dad of two rescue cats Leia and Josie. “When he’s not out protecting and serving us humans, he’s at home serving his kitties like any good cat guy would do,” according to catster. Glenn shares a strong bond with his two feline princesses. […]

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