Maggie the Rescue Cat Momma Plus 6

by Love Meow on Apr 5th, 2011 | 23 Comments on Maggie the Rescue Cat Momma Plus 6

Mary Margaret (Maggie) a very pregnant rescue cat momma came to her foster home and was ready to give birth. Her tummy was big and round. Robyn Anderson prepared two birthing boxes for Maggie. One with 2 layers of cat beds and the other one with a soft blanket. Maggie chose the latter. In just one […]

Rescued Cat Momma Sunshine

by Love Meow on Nov 16th, 2010 | 46 Comments on Rescued Cat Momma Sunshine

Written by ©Heather Christenson (flickr: Crackbonkers). Sunshine was found by an employee at my vet clinic, she had been hanging around an apartment complex. She was very thin and very obviously pregnant so she took her in. They were unable to find a foster home to raise the kittens. A friend of mine that works […]

Foster Story of a Cat Mama and 5 Fuzzballs

Isabelle has rescued and taken in many animals with special needs. “That’s the kind of adoptions I go for, challenging, sick, old, injured pets.” She also fosters animals that are in need of a good home. Farrah came to Isabelle’s home as an emergency foster because she was a rescued pregnant cat mama who appeared […]

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