Little Ginger Rascal, Alfie

by Love Meow on Aug 22nd, 2010 | 18 Comments on Little Ginger Rascal, Alfie

Paul Lee fell in love with little Alfie a beautiful 4 month old ginger baby in first sight. The affection Aflie for Paul was reciprocal. When Paul was visiting Alfie, he was meowing and reaching out his little paw towards him, as if he was saying “Please take me home.” “Alfie was the only ginger […]

Charlie, A Rascal and Izzy, An Admirer

Charlie and Izzy’s story – written by Sarah (©sar’sshots) Charlie is a very cheeky chappie, extremely mischievous and just has a way of finding trouble, even if he’s not (on that particular occasion) responsible for creating it! As a consequence of Charlie’s varoius mischiefs I am constantly on guard, ensuring he doesn’t use up his […]

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