Tiny Calico Kitten Rescued Hours After Birth

Meet Kairi, a tiny survivor, who was found on the road just hours after she was born. “She’s almost four weeks old now. My husband and I found her crawling across the road a few hours after she was born. She had her umbilical cord and placenta still attached,” said Rachel via reddit. They took […]

Starbuck The Cat Saved By Greensboro Firefighters & Police From Condo Complex Fire

Starbuck the cat used one of his nine lives after he was rescued from a burnt condo complex by the Greensboro, North Carolina firefighters. Firefighters and a police sergeant did everything they could to make sure the cat could survive. They used an oxygen mask to revive Starbuck and placed him in a jacket to […]

Rescue Kitty Makes An Amazing Recovery

by Love Meow on Feb 16th, 2014 | 3 Comments on Rescue Kitty Makes An Amazing Recovery

He was just 4-6 weeks old when he was seen thrown from a moving car. A kind person picked him up and realized that he needed more care than she could provide, so she turned him over to CatSnap. They named him Maverick. He was injured in multiple areas and was significantly dehydrated. Despite 6 […]

Burned Kitten Justin Fights His Way Back To Health

Justin the kitten had a rough start in life after he was terribly burned at the age of 5 weeks old. This brave little kitty fought his way back from the brink of death and is on his way to recovery. The little tuxedo kitty suffered multiple burns over one-third of his body. His ears […]

Tiny Rescue Kitten Made Amazing Recovery

A tiny kitten was rescued after being attacked by a crow. Her top jaw was fractured, and her throat, tongue, and part of her gum were injured. The rescuer worked around the clock to keep the little one alive. The kitten was fed with a tube but she hated it and fought not to eat. […]

Olly the Cat: Survivor, Fighter

by Love Meow on Feb 2nd, 2013 | 7 Comments on Olly the Cat: Survivor, Fighter

Olly the cat owes his life to a group of volunteers from Brasov/Rumania who called Animals Need Us for the rescue. Olly is a fighter who survived against all odds. “Last year in March, I fell in love with a picture of a little cat with beautiful big brown eyes… They found him in an area […]

Story of Chester: Journey to A Full Recovery

When Chester the ginger cat was adopted from the shelter, his new family realized there was still much work to be done to help the little ginger get back on his paws. They found out that Chester needed a lot of medical treatment and surgery, but they never gave up on Chester no matter what. […]

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