Stray Cat Wants To Go Home To Her Soldier

A stray cat from Afghanistan has stolen the heart of an American serviceman. “Mousetrap (Paktika) arrived a few days ago (at Nowzad). She wants to go home to her soldier,” the shelter wrote on Facebook. Here is the story of Mousetrap (via Nowzad): I was stationed at FOB Sharana for almost six months,and shortly after […]

Tiny Afghan Rescue Kitten Golum

by Love Meow on Aug 18th, 2013 | 7 Comments on Tiny Afghan Rescue Kitten Golum

This little ginger boy is called Golum, who was rescued in Afghanistan. He has been with the Nowzad at their clinic for almost 20 days now. “We estimate he was only maybe 10 to 14 days old when he arrived. There have been a few moments where we thought we were going to lose him […]

Little Afghan Kitten Becomes Friends with US Marines

A little ginger kitten became friends with the US marines. He brings a lot of joy, and a piece of home to the soldiers overseas. “My brother in the Marines found a Kitten in Afghanistan,” said Muddyfoots603. Like a boss: Photo via Reddit.

Tiny Afghan Kitten Dozes off on Shoulder

A teeny kitten came up to U.S. Marine Corps Lance Cpl. Kowshon Ye, climbed on his shoulder and dozed off for a nap. It put a big smile on Ye’s face as he played with the kitten and watched him fall asleep on his shoulder, even though that means not being able to move for […]

Kitties Rescued by US Marines in Afghanistan

In Afghanistan, in the midst of war, many animals are lost and separated from their family. Many are found later by troops from the US, UK and Canada. Soldiers rescue these animals and get help from rescue groups that help them send these animals out of the country and to a forever loving home that […]

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