Meet Carlow and Boogie! Bravest Firehouse Cats in Manhattan

by Love Meow on Mar 27th, 2015 | Comments Off on Meet Carlow and Boogie! Bravest Firehouse Cats in Manhattan

Carlow and Boogie are the firecats at two fire stations in New York City. These two rescue cats rule their firehouse roosts in Manhattan. “They also keep the firehouse clear of any critters that crawl through the Big Apple,” said NYC Fire Wire. From Carlow’s Facebook page: “My name is Carlow. I live in a […]

Brother and Sister Cats Travel 8000 Miles to Find a Chance at a Forever Home

by Love Meow on Mar 13th, 2015 | Comments Off on Brother and Sister Cats Travel 8000 Miles to Find a Chance at a Forever Home

Simon and Sammy, two rescue Oriental Shorthair kittens, traveled 8000 miles for 26 hours to get to Seattle, Washington for a chance to find their forever home. “They were found in a trash bin when they were a few days old, and were cared for by a vet in Muscat, Oman before being transported to […]

Company Adopts Rescue Cats to Help Employees Unwind and Improve Productivity

A Japanese company in Tokyo hoped to help their employees unwind and increase productivity by adopting rescue cats into their office. In a cramped and hectic city like Tokyo, having a pet is often a luxury. Most apartments do not allow pets and residents have to visit cat cafes to get their pet fix. The company […]

Man Turns His House Into Indoor Cat Playland for His Rescue Cats and Our Hearts Explode

Peter the home builder turned his house into an indoor cat paradise for his 15 rescue cats. “To keep his 15 rescue cats occupied, home builder Peter Cohen has constructed elaborate catwalks, tunnels, platforms and perches throughout his California home.”

Roman Cats Turn A Historic Site Into Cat Haven

In Rome, many stray and feral cats have found a haven amid the ruins at Torre Argentina. The Julius Caesar’s assassination site has been turned into a cat sanctuary for many homeless cats. The Torre Argentina Roman Cat Sanctuary spay and neuter these cats and keep them healthy and fed. “People are interested more in the cats than […]

Nurse Turns House Into Sanctuary For Old, Sick Cats In Peru

A woman from Peru has turned her two-story house into a sanctuary for sick and old cats. She treats 175 cats for feline leukemia and keeps them warm in little jumpers when it gets chilly. Maria Torero, 45, of Lima, Peru, has turned her eight-room house into a cat hospice and spends $1,785 a month on […]

Two Rescue Cat Moms Raise Eight Kittens & Five Orphans Together. Happy Family of 15!

Two rescue cat mamas are raising their eight kittens and five adopted orphans together, making it a happy family of 15. “Sapphire and Turquoise were rescued from an animal hoarder while they were still pregnant. They went into foster together where they had their kittens 4 days apart,” Save-A-Pet told Love Meow. “Both had 4 […]

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