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cute kitten SOS adoption center shelter cat pic

There are many stray and feral cats living on the streets in Lithuania. A group animal lovers decided to volunteer themselves to help save these beautiful furry creatures.

SOS Animals is a small animal adoption center from Lithuania. “It is a non-profit charitable public enterprise which helps stray animals to find new homes. Started at the beginning of 2008, in the summer of the same year SOS Animals was supported by the public and could afford to buy a mobile house. It was called “SOS animals hut” and now stray animals are kept there. It is small, it is not perfect, it is enough for just about 30 animals.”

It’s going to be black Friday and everyone is gearing themselves up for the shopping frenzy. What about taking a visit at an animal shelter and adopting a precious kitty for a change this year?

Below are kitties that do not have the privilege to enjoy a Turkey dinner with a family. You can find more cats and kittens through

Angel – Adopted
Pet ID #: 9102682
Shelter: SPCA of Texas in Dallas

Pet ID #: 9172523
Shelter: Bideawee

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There are so many reasons why adopting a cat from the shelter is such a great thing for any cat owner. I am putting together 10 reasons of why getting a cat or kitten from the shelter is a much better choice:

1. Cats and kittens have been checked out by a vet and doctored up accordingly, so generally cats that are available for adoption are pretty healthy.

2. All the cats and kittens are up to date on their vaccination shots, which can cost hundreds of dollars for cat owners to do it themselves.

3. All the cats and kittens that are old enough, have been neutered or spayed, so you don’t need to worry about it any more.

4. most of the cats and kittens are litter trained, so less hassle for you.

5. some of the shelter cats have been fostered, so they have been acclimated to a family environment and are ready to settle down in a forever home.

6. most of the young or adult cats have a profile where you will get to see their temperament and whether they are good with kids, dogs or other cats. This makes it easier for you to choose the right cat with a known personality.

7. all the cats and kittens are super adorable at the shelter. They are of many different varieties and colors. You definitely will be able to find one you like.

8. you are helping the shelter to increase their capacity to rescue and save more homeless or abused animals.

9. the adoption fee is significantly lower than the price you would pay a breeder. On top of that you save a lot of medical expenses on shots and neutering or spaying.

10. you are saving a life by adopting a cat from the shelter and providing the cat a permanent home that he/she so desires to have.