Duoduo the Cat that Always Smiled Even Asleep

Do you have a kitty that smiles even when he/she is sleeping? This is Duoduo, a lovely Bengal kitty who loved to snooze. He liked to sprawl out his legs and lie on his back when he napped. Some of his poses look like he is waving at us. Others look like he wants a […]

Sleepy Kittens

by Love Meow on Feb 5th, 2010 | 3 Comments on Sleepy Kittens

It’s Friday. The weekend is coming up soon. There is nothing better than getting a good, comfy rest after a week of hard work. Cats know how to relax more than anyone. They know when it is time to unwind and recharge. We could probably learn a few things about relaxing from these little furry […]

Sleepy Sunday

by Love Meow on Jan 17th, 2010 | 4 Comments on Sleepy Sunday

Kittens love to nap. They look so relaxed when they are sleeping with their family :).

Ragdoll Kittens Favorite Pastime, Sleep

Ragdolls are beautiful, lovely, affectionate and gentle cats that have captivated so many people’s hearts. They go limp when you pick them up, which is why they are called the Ragdoll. These furry angelic creatures love to take naps. Tom Poes, a super Ragdoll lover from the Netherlands has taken numerous photos of his kittens […]

Love Meow Kitties Sleeping Poses

by Love Meow on Dec 5th, 2009 | Comments Off on Love Meow Kitties Sleeping Poses

My cats love to nap, especially Jackie. He LOVES sleeping by my side or on my lap. He is a big fluffy boy, so very cuddly. Jackie loves my cuddles :-). He likes to sleep on my shoulder or even lie across my neck sometimes. It is funny. When Jackie is sleeping, he makes all […]

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