Cat Welcomes Home Soldier

by Love Meow on Jun 19th, 2014 | 3 Comments on Cat Welcomes Home Soldier

Finn the Ragdoll is excited to see his human dad home.

Blind Cat Rescued In Afghanistan, Now Home In America

A blind cat found her soldier in Afghanistan. They started feeding her and grew attached to her. They named her Sockets. The rescuer wrote: “I work in Gardez and live on an Army Forward Operating Base. I had been here a few days and noticed a grey striped kitten around where we lived. The kitten […]

Tower Cheetah on Guard Duty

by Love Meow on Mar 10th, 2014 | 4 Comments on Tower Cheetah on Guard Duty

A ginger kitty helping soldiers guard their camp in Afghanistan. “Tower Cheetah helping me guard my camp in Afghanistan. He was probably the most spoiled cat in the camp. This tower had around a platoon of 40 or so guys that rotated through when on guard duty and keep him company,” said Bhas via reddit. […]

Soldiers Save Kitten From Iraq Sandstorm

Staff Sgt. Jarrod of the US Air Force and his fellow soldiers stopped everything they were doing to save the life of a tiny kitten during a sandstorm in Iraq. At the time, Jarrod’s job was to patrol off base for about 14 hours a day despite the weather. During one of the very bad […]

Soldier Bringing His Second Rescue Cat Home From Overseas Deployment

A soldier who has previously adopted an abandoned cat from Cyprus is on a journey to bring another cat to his home in the UK. “Those who have met me will know I’m a bit of a softy when it comes to animals. Having just recently lost my dog after 15 years I was devastated, made […]

Soldier Brings Rescue Afghan Stray Cat Home

>>>>Update from Nowzad: Pia also made it to America where she is staying with a friend of her owner for a few days [Picture below] >>>>Update from Nowzad: Pia has hit target and we can get her on the freedom bird home very soon! >>>>>We removed the fundraising link from the story since it has been taken […]

Story Behind the Photo of Kitty Adopted by Soldiers in Kuwait

Kevin Davidson, a US soldier Pfc. shared a photo of him and their adopted cat in Kuwait on reddit. It went viral. He explained the story behind the photo: “His name is PFC Bartholomew. I did not find him. I support another unit and their Lieutenant found him on Christmas Eve and realized how much […]

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