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Sophie the calico loves Dusty. They are best cat buddies. Dusty never hissed at Sophie from day one when she was brought into the house from the outside world. Dusty loves kittens, puppies, chickens and new friends. “He put up with (Sophie) chewing on him, wrestling with him, loving on him, licking him, poking him and… well, you know! All those things.”

“Dusty’s one of my other rescues. Bottle fed from three days old, from a rescue mom, nearly died ten times over, has herpes and nearly lost his sight as a kitten… but man, he’s just the absolute perfect cat. He doesn’t think he’s a cat, he knows he’s a person,” said Koratcat. [Sophie’s rescue story]

cute rescue cats snuggle cuddle best friends forever bff
Dusty and Sophie BFF
cute calico cat gives kitty buddy a kiss
Love fest

Photos courtesy of ©Koratcats.


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cute siamese kitten
Sleepy time | photo by ©Gisele Floriano

Gisele Floriano and her sister had always been dog lovers until they met Sophie, an orphaned kitty who touched their hearts with her story, personality and endless energy to live her life to the fullest.

Written by ©Gisele Floriano

Sophie is four years and 10 months now. I lived with my sister back in 2005, in Florianopolis (south of Brazil). We were there to attend college and were away from our parents and pets. So we decided that we needed a pet to share the apartment with us. We were always dog people, so we started looking for a small dog because we lived in a small apartment. We wanted to adopt a pet and not to buy one. So my sister went to this adoption fair and when she arrived there, she was introduced to Sophie, an orphaned rescued kitten.

cute siamese kitten
"What's down there?" | photo by ©Gisele Floriano