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Lola, a lovely 2-year-old grey tabby can finally cuddle her babies in a foster home. She and her kittens have been at the shelter since 2 weeks ago.

cute lola mama cat and baby kittens
Lola cuddling her kittens

Lola gave birth to four precious little kittens, but the furry family was in need of a foster home. The shelter did not have enough room and staff to look after the entire family.

The word was out among the rescuers in Florida. Good Karma Pet Rescue, a small rescue group, took in the mama cat and her new born babies.

They were brought to fosterer Sandy’s home where the cat mama can nurse and teach her babies all the skills they need before they find their forever loving homes.

More photos of this lovely furry family. They are located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

cute foster kitten flying
cute happy foster kitten big smile
cute curious kittens in basket

Photos courtesy of Good Karma Pet Rescue. Who can possibly resist these faces:

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cute rescue grey kitten mae looks for home
Mae looks happy and healthy today
cute rescue kitten with mange skin condition
After Mae was rescued (taken on April 22)

It’s amazing how much Mae has transformed since a few weeks ago. “I got a call that someone found her outside and she looked pretty rough. Dirty, thin, etc,” says Stacey Chen from Good Karma Pet Rescue. This poor little underweight kitty was a purry sweetheart immediately. The kind lady who picked up Mae watched her for the rest of the week, fattening her up and giving her lots of love and TLC. “By the time I picked her up, she was clean and had gained weight, but was all crusty,” Stacey adds.

The vet diagnosed Mae with a skin condition, but that did not stop her from being a happy and playful kitty she is today. She is always joyful and loves to play with anything and everything. She makes you forget about what she went through before she was rescued. All the little things she does bring

This is Claire, one of Glenda’s babies. She and her family were rescued from a shelter and now are having the time of their life. “I don’t know how I’m going to let any of them go!” said Sandy, their foster mom.

Claire and her siblings will be ready for adoption in 6 weeks. Don’t you just want to take her home?

cute rescue kitten tiny palm sized baby
cute rescue kitten palm sized foster baby
She's a little engine when you hold her

More pictures of Claire and her rescue family here.

They are located in South Florida. You can follow Good Karma Pet Rescue facebook page for updates :).

Photos courtesy of ©Stacey Chen (Good Karma Pet Rescue).

cute rescue kitten tiny body
Clare, little cutie pie
cute rescue kitten nursing suckle milk
Lunch time

Glenda the cat mama and her kittens are the lucky ones rescued from a shelter that could not keep them. Stacey Chen met Glenda and another cat mama Kelly who looked just like Glenda, but Kelly was not so lucky. Knowing Glenda might end up in the same path, Stacey immediately reached out for help to get Glenda and her family to a foster home. “I didn’t have any room at my house for anyone (Stacey had and still has a full house of rescues she took in from other shelters), … (so) I put it on my Facebook page…. Amazingly someone I know saw the picture and called me not 5 minutes after I posted the picture,” said Stacey.

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cute rescued kitten bottle feeding
One of the orphaned kittens is bottle feeding
cute rescue cat mama and 9 kittens
Lizzy with her 4 babies and 5 adopted kittens, a very busy and loving momma

Lizzy, a beautiful tortie rescued cat mama came to the shelter with four adorable kittens who just recently opened their eyes. Just a couple days later, Stacey, their foster mom received a call from a friend who had a litter of orphaned kittens. “After some research and talking it over with a couple of cat experts, we figured out that we could try to introduce them to Mama and see if she would accept them as her own, with some nutritional supplementation. Nine babies is a lot of babies, but it works out best for everyone — especially the kittens — if they have a feline mama,” said Stacey.

cute rescued kitten taking a nap
Little rescued baby, snoozing away
cute rescued cat mama and kittens
Lizzy the tortie mama and her babies

Lizzy the beautiful tortie was living outside a home where she was loved by the residents, but when the management found out that she had her kittens, they were planning on contacting Animal Control. As soon as Stacey and her rescue team learned about her story, they stepped in to get her and her babies out to safety. “She has four lovely kittens who will be ready to be adopted in April,” said Stacey.