Team Of Good Samaritans Save Kitten From Storm Drain

These good Samaritans teamed up to rescue a tiny kitten trapped in a storm drain in Bluffton, South Carolina. “Kudos to Town Building Inspector Sandy Oliver for seeing a 5-week old kitten cross Bluffton Parkway and saving its life. It took a village, or at least three town employees and a Cleland Site Supervisor, to finally […]

Puddles The Cat Saved From Storm Drain

by Love Meow on Sep 18th, 2013 | 6 Comments on Puddles The Cat Saved From Storm Drain

Puddles the kitten was rescued from a storm drain thanks to the officials in Spartanburg that saved him. Spartanburg Animal Services received a call from a neighborhood watch group about a kitten trapped in a storm drain. Officer Jessica went down to the drain and successfully pulled the kitten out to safety. A tiny kitten […]

Kitten Saved From Storm Drain By Fire Rescue Crew

A tiny kitten was trapped in a storm drain, crying for help. As soon as the Fire Rescue crew in West Park Florida got the call about the situation, they went to the rescue. The crew worked together as a team to pull the tiny kitten out of the storm drain safely. Once the kitten […]

Orphan Kitten Rescued from Storm Drain

A 2 week old orphan tabby was spotted in a storm drain by a kind lady who ended up moving the 150 lb iron grate by herself in order to free the kitten and get the little one out to safety. “The neighbors thought I was crazy but, alas, here I am bottle feeding the […]

Eight Firefighters Rescue Ginger Kitten from 20-inch Storm Pipe

This little ginger kitten has used several of his nine lives after being trapped in a Fontana storm drain for days, but he didn’t give up, crying through the pipes until one resident named Valerie Rodino who heard the cries and dialed 911 for help. Eight firefighters including the Urban Search and Rescue team unit […]

Kitten Saved from Frigid Storm Drain

by Love Meow on Oct 27th, 2009 | Comments Off on Kitten Saved from Frigid Storm Drain

Did you know that having a keen sense of hearing can save lives? A precious little kitten almost froze in a frigid Long Island storm drain was recursed and whisked away from death this week. A woman was in a store parking lot on Long Beach Road, when she heard a faint crying sound from beneath a […]

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