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“We keep a bowl of cat food outside for neighborhood strays. This is what we found inside it this morning,” reddit user Detective51 shared the story. “She’s very friendly too.”

They found a little stray kitten in the bowl of cat food they left outside.

stray kitten in food bowl

Then this happened. The little one is very friendly, too.

stray kitten hugging

“She seems to be getting along great with my inside cat Charlie Waffles.”

stray cat family mama and kitten

They even look like each other!

stray cat family mama and kitten

stray cat family mama and kitten

Taking a nap on her new buddy.

stray cat family mama and kitten

They also found 3 more kittens and the cat mama under their deck. “I’ll just collect them and try to find good homes for them when it’s time,” they added.

Photos via reddit.

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A stray kitten got into a young man’s car while he was at work.

He wrote: “I was about to leave work when I noticed there was a kitten who had gotten into my car, I was trying to get her out but she was running around the car terrified and she ended up going into hiding on the dashboard.

I was afraid of her getting stuck. I’ve seen her for a while eating my garbage and my first instinct was to save the little guy.

After 4 hours of trying to get the kitten out and removing the dashboard she decided to come out thanks to the amazing power of Tuna. This is the little kitten we saved. She’s a little girl.” (imgur)

The story didn’t just end there. He took the kitten home and named her Noelle.

“A stray kitten got into my car while I was at work. After 4 hours of trying to make it get out of the dashboard, and in the process of removing the dash. She decided to come out. She’s a healthy shy stray kitten. Come meet our little girl!”

stray kitten rescued from car dashboard

He brought the kitten home and named her Noelle.

stray kitten rescued from car dashboard


stray kitten rescued from car dashboard

“She now owns the place… and my sister’s wallet.”

stray kitten rescued from car dashboard

Photos via imgur.

A tiny kitten whispers a secret to his new friend Scott on his shoulder.

A stray kitten found it’s way onto the Income Property filming set. Scott McGillivray was on set but had to take a break when the unexpected visitor showed up on set…

Here’s an update on the kitten. They have found the kitten a new home:

The home owner has adopted the kitten and Scott will come back to visit his kitten friend.

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When Matilda the rescue kitten came to her foster home, she became instantly obsessed with their rescue pit bulls. “She tries to nurse off Spike which is funny since he’s our only male dog,” said Lisa Revella Morabito of BARCS, Baltimore animal shelter. (Huffington Post)

Matilda was found as a stray about two weeks ago. “Her cuddling with all of the animals is adorable. Matilda usually runs around in the morning and plays with Fiona (a rescue cat from BARCS Morabito adopted) because the dogs sleep in as late as we’ll let them. Once the afternoon hits and the dogs have been fed and walked, they retreat for more napping and Matilda joins them then for cuddling,” Morabito added.

Matilda the foster kitten is obsessed with the dogs at her foster home. She thinks Spike is her mom and nurses off him.

Matilda the foster kitten loves pit bulls

Though Matilda doesn’t get any milk out of Spike, she gets plenty of love from him.

Matilda the foster kitten loves pit bulls

Betty White comes to give love to the foster kitten too.

Matilda the foster kitten loves pit bulls

Matilda: “Are you my mommy?” Betty White: “Sure I am!”

Matilda the foster kitten loves pit bulls

Photos by Lisa Revella Morabito. Learn more about Matilda at BARCS, Baltimore animal shelter or follow them on Facebook.

Source: Huffington Post

“This stray kitten came up to my boyfriend yesterday meowing for help. Here they are at the vet’s office. I’m pretty sure they’re in love,” kitty’s human said via reddit.

“A family of stray cats live under his neighbor’s house. We try to feed them, but they’re impossible to catch to give medical help. We haven’t seen any of them in a while, and the neighbor hasn’t been home either, so we think something happened to the mom and sibling.”

The couple decided to rescue the kitten and bring him to safety. As soon as they got to the vet’s office, they knew they couldn’t let him go.

They are keeping the little kitten and have named him Smokey. (reddit)

A tiny stray came up to a man for help. Here they are at the vet’s office. “I’m pretty sure they’re in love.”

rescue stray kitten and new human new shoulder cat

Photo via imgur.

Real men love cats. A tiny stray kitten found a Baltimore police officer to be his human dad for life.

“Officer Boyer came to the rescue twice today. First when he came to the aid of a stray kitten and again, a few hours later, when he adopted him. (That now makes Officer Boyer a kitty dad times six.)” – Show Your Soft Side

Officer Boyer adopted kitten he helped

Updates from Show Your Soft Side:

“We’re happy to announce, the newest addition to Officer Boyer’s family just went home with him this morning – and everybody’s purring.”

Officer Boyer adopted kitten he helped

Source: Show Your Soft Side.