They Keep a Bowl of Cat Food for Strays. This is What They Found Inside it!

“We keep a bowl of cat food outside for neighborhood strays. This is what we found inside it this morning,” reddit user Detective51 shared the story. “She’s very friendly too.” They found a little stray kitten in the bowl of cat food they left outside. Then this happened. The little one is very friendly, too. “She […]

A Young Man Spent 4 Hours Rescuing Stray Kitten from a Car

by Love Meow on Feb 21st, 2015 | Comments Off on A Young Man Spent 4 Hours Rescuing Stray Kitten from a Car

A stray kitten got into a young man’s car while he was at work. He wrote: “I was about to leave work when I noticed there was a kitten who had gotten into my car, I was trying to get her out but she was running around the car terrified and she ended up going […]

Little Stray Kitten Snuggling With Gentle Giant Saint Bernard

by Love Meow on Jan 4th, 2015 | Comments Off on Little Stray Kitten Snuggling With Gentle Giant Saint Bernard

A little 4 week old stray kitten snuggles with a gentle giant Saint Bernard. Kitty thinks his doggie friend is his mom.

Scott Gets Intel From A Kitten (Updates On Kitten)

A tiny kitten whispers a secret to his new friend Scott on his shoulder. A stray kitten found it’s way onto the Income Property filming set. Scott McGillivray was on set but had to take a break when the unexpected visitor showed up on set… Here’s an update on the kitten. They have found the […]

Foster Kitten Thinks She’s A Dog

by Love Meow on May 8th, 2014 | 1 Comment on Foster Kitten Thinks She’s A Dog

When Matilda the rescue kitten came to her foster home, she became instantly obsessed with their rescue pit bulls. “She tries to nurse off Spike which is funny since he’s our only male dog,” said Lisa Revella Morabito of BARCS, Baltimore animal shelter. (Huffington Post) Matilda was found as a stray about two weeks ago. “Her cuddling with all […]

Stray Kitten Finds His Human

by Love Meow on Jul 30th, 2013 | 11 Comments on Stray Kitten Finds His Human

“This stray kitten came up to my boyfriend yesterday meowing for help. Here they are at the vet’s office. I’m pretty sure they’re in love,” kitty’s human said via reddit. “A family of stray cats live under his neighbor’s house. We try to feed them, but they’re impossible to catch to give medical help. We haven’t […]

Stray Kitten Finds Police Officer To Go Home To

Real men love cats. A tiny stray kitten found a Baltimore police officer to be his human dad for life. “Officer Boyer came to the rescue twice today. First when he came to the aid of a stray kitten and again, a few hours later, when he adopted him. (That now makes Officer Boyer a […]

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