Stray Cat Brings Surprises To A Family

by Love Meow on Jan 29th, 2014 | 2 Comments on Stray Cat Brings Surprises To A Family

A stray cat followed a family home, but she didn’t just come alone. In a few weeks after they took her in, she brought 5 tiny little surprises into the world. “We unknowingly took in a pregnant cat who gave birth to some beautiful babies. The last one was rehomed yesterday… Taking care of newborn kittens is […]

Little Tuxedo Stray Given A Brand New Life

Meet GUI, a little tuxedo who was found near a back porch by a kind person. She was very shy and scared, but with plenty of love, she started to open up and trust again. “I found this little one, meowing, in a corner by my back porch.” (imgur) “Little kitty had an eye infection so […]

Stray Cat Becomes Loving Fixture For Soldiers Deployed Overseas

A ginger stray cat named “Goldi” has become an office cat for the US soldiers deployed in Afghanistan, providing them comfort and a sense of home. Goldi’s Rescuer says: Our little “Goldilocks” came to be part of our family after the area we work in was expanded and a new fence line fenced her and […]

Cat Wanders In the Neighborhood Until He Finds Someone Who Saves Him

A cat started showing up on the door step of an apartment building. No one wanted to claim him until a man saw the cat one day and knew that he had to help. “This guy was abandoned by the neighbors. I started offering him food, shelter, and medical care. Now he follows me everywhere, […]

Stray Cat Waits Every Day To See His Dog Friend

A family decided to take in a stray cat after they discovered that everyday the cat waited outside the door to see their dog. “I caught my dog meeting with him daily .. They have been inseparable since,” said the human via reddit. “Boots was a 3 month old kitten at the time, and he […]

Stray Kitten Wanders Into A Man’s Life

A tiny stray kitten wandered into a man’s life last night. “He’s growing on me… or just permanently attached to my shoulder,” said Philldaagony of reddit. “We alerted the neighbors and put up a few signs this morning. His first vet visit is tomorrow.” For now, the kitten has claimed the man and settled comfortably […]

Afghan Kitten Is Reunited With Soldier In Texas

An Afghan kitten strayed into the life of a soldier. When they locked eyes on each other, he knew he had to help bring her home to America. “Somewhere in the middle of in all this little Kitty came up to me one day. She was not like the other strays. It was as though she […]

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