Stress is cats’ biggest enemy. It may be hard for you to imagine since cats are often found lounging comfortably on the couch, playing with their favorite toys or enjoying food you specially selected for them. However, cats are subject to various potential stress factors. They form their own habits and create their own territory. When their territory is violated or their habits have been interrupted, they face the risk of increasing their stress.

Being a creature of habit, cats get confused when the environment is changed or a new member has entered into the same habitat. Below are the most common stressors that can potentially put a cat under tremendous stress:

  1. New member in the family such as a cat, adult or baby
  2. Loss of a loved one such as a cat owner or another cat
  3. Change in owner’s schedule
  4. A unfamiliar outdoor cat
  5. Quick change in diet
  6. Abrupt change in litter
  7. Unsanitary litter box
  8. Relocating or renovating the home
  9. New furniture or rearrangement of furniture