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Piddle and Charlie two family cats survived the tornado that struck Moore Oklahoma by hiding under the bed.

Reddit user thesnowninja talked about what happened: “We went to check on my brother. After running into him at the house, we found out he and his family were fine, but they hadn’t found the cats. So we dug around the bedroom, knowing that the cats like to hide under the bed.”

When they discovered the whereabouts of the kitties, the cats “were both a little dirty, but they avoided a lot of the debris because they were under the bed,” he added.

Piddle survived the tornado, rescued by her family who went out to find her and Charlie the cat

moore oklahoma survivor cat rescued

This is where they found Piddle and Charlie (under the bed)

moore oklahoma survivor cat rescued

Safe and happy to be reunited with the family

moore oklahoma survivor cat rescued

Photos via reddit.

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A tiny week old stray kitten was spotted in an attic in West Houston, Texas where he was the only survivor of his litter according to Thomas M. [edit: the stray cat mother and the rest of the litter didn’t make it] it was incredible how he made it through the heat and lack of food, but the little guy was a fighter and hung in there until someone heard cries from the attic and had him rescued.

They took him to the vet and had him treated for an eye infection. The little guy was otherwise healthy and became stronger every day. They named him Turtle. “After healing an eye infection and nursing it until adoption age, Turtle was adopted [to a loving home] in Richmond Texas,” said Thomas M.

Turtle thankful to be saved

cute rescue tabby kitten cuddling

Cuddling with his human

cute rescue tabby kitten cuddling

Exploring his new home

cute rescue tabby kitten

Photos courtesy of ©Thomas Motyka.

This teeny kitten was born on a dairy farm. She is the only survivor in her litter after their cat mama left them. “She couldn’t walk when we took her. Her mother stopped feeding her and her siblings…. She’s about 3 to 3.5 weeks old right now, weighs 10 oz, and is currently getting over an eye infection,” said Krystal who is doing summer work at the dairy farm, saw the kitten and brought her home.

Krystal and her friend are determined to bring the little one back to health. They feed her around the clock and take her to the vet to get proper treatment for her eye infection and help her get stronger every day.

Rescue kitty getting her belly filled

cute rescue kitten getting bottle fed

cute rescue kitten getting bottle fed

Tiny body, but lots of energy

cute tiny rescue kitten

Happy for the second chance

cute tiny rescue kitten snuggling with dad

Photos by KrystalKlear818 via reddit.