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Shelter cat picks his new dad.

“I adopted a kitten last week, and the shelter got a picture of our first meeting,” said Kyle via reddit.

They named him Mac. “Right now we call him Little Mac. The girlfriend says it’s for mathematician Colin Maclaurin (we’re both math teachers) but I say it’s for the Punch Out boxer,” he added. “He is adjusting very well. He gets along with the dogs great, and has tons and tons of kitten energy!” (Facebook)

“I pick you human.”

man chosen by a shelter cat

man chosen by a shelter cat

Photos by Asheville Humane Society.

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You never know when the sleepy bug bites. Little kittens sometimes fall asleep in such unpredictable ways. It can be anytime and anywhere. There are a couple signs when the sleepy bug does bite: the kitty appears to be yawning progressively and often times falls asleep in the middle of something and freezes in a pose.

Little tabby gets really sweepy…

cute sleepy kitten napping white paws
cute sleepy kitten napping maneki neko high 5

Photos courtesy of Yoko Tanji.

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Tiny is a little record store kitty who not only helps around the store, she runs it. When her hooman Andy is pricing the records, she comes by to give him a paw. Sometimes she steps on an old record player to take it for a spin. By the end of the day, Tiny loves to snuggle up into her daddy’s neck for a power cat nap.

Helping her hooman price the records:

cute record store kitten

Testing out an old record player:

cute record store kitten plays with record player

A nap on the shoulder to replenish for the day:

cute record store kitten snuggles into dad's neck for a nap

Photos by ©White Rabbit Studio.