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These tiny bitty tabbies were found without a mom in Bulgaria. Luckily for the little fuzzballs, they found Julie, who took them into her home and gave them plenty of food and all the love and attention they want.

There is so much love in these tiny little bodies. You see them snuggling and cuddling together all the time. They can’t wait to grow bigger and stronger.

cute rescue tabby kitten snuggling
cute kitten licks on the face
cute kittens big huge and kisses
Big hugs

Photos courtesy of ©Julie (flickr: passerby3).

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cute tabby kittens snuggle cuddle sleep
Dexter and Cody Best Friends
cute tabby kittens snuggle in a nap

Dexter and his sister Cody came to their new home a few months ago. When they arrived, they stayed in the carrier for quite a bit, not brave enough to venture out just yet, but after a nap, they finally came out.

When they were out to explore, they were curious about everything they could put their paws on. Cody immediately took over the laundry basket and Dexter was fascinated by a blue toy ball. When Dexter found a box, he turned it into his own little fortress.

cute foster tabby kittens cuddling white mittens
cute foster tabby kitten with white mittens

Remember Maggie the cat mama who gave birth to six adorable tabbies? The kittens are growing leaps and bounds in size and energy. They are constantly flapping their little paws in the air when they play. It’s absolutely irresistible. Robyn and Fred Anderson from Challenger’s House sure have their hands full, looking after the little squirmy ones who have learned to explore and make antics.

It gets dangerously cute when they all have their little footsies in the air. What can I say? I am a sucker for these little munchkins. :)

Photos courtesy of Robyn Anderson (flickr: RobynAnderson).

cute snuggly cuddly kitten babies
Manny and her snuggly buddy Jack

Viva the stray cat mama showed up at Elyce’s door steps and gave birth to five beautiful little fuzzy balls. One of them is called Manny who looks almost identical to two of his littermates. They were named Manny, Moe and Jack after The Pep Boys.

Manny has reddish stripes on his back. That’s how Elyce tells him apart. “He frequently likes to sleep on his back, exposing his striped, chubby tummy,” said Elyce.

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cute rescued tabby kitten

Chobi was jogging near a pond one evening and heard kittens crying. As a volunteer for a rescue group in Japan, her instinct immediately led her to look for the source of the crying. She spotted a suspecious box and walked towards it.

The cries got louder as she approached it. When she opened the box, there were two tiny little kittens whose eyes just recently opened squirming around in the box. Right away Chobi decided to take the little kittens home with her.