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When a family rescued 2 cats from a woman who bred kittens irresponsibly, they were told that the kitties were both males. Not only did they discover that one of them is in fact a female, they saw her belly grow bigger and bigger. Then one day it popped.

The cat mama is very young, but she’s doing a fantastic job and is in great health. Mama gave birth to two kittens, but only Boo the tabby survived. Boo looks like a mini version of her. The cat father has been neutered and they are planning to have the mama fixed as soon as the baby is on solids. “(The mama cat) was kept separate until he had the surgery and was healed but we just noticed her belly growing so we couldn’t get her neutered… as soon as baby is on solids mama will be neutered as will Boo (the kitten) at 6 months,” they said via reddit.

“We will definitely keep the kitten, we have the mother and the father…” They are keeping the family of three together.

The family rescued 2 cats, and one of them’s belly started to grow. One day it popped. Boo the kitten was born. He’s a mini version of his mom.

mama cat and her mini me

They rescued the cat mom and the cat dad from an irresponsible breeder.

mama cat and cat dad

They are keeping the three together. A happy furry family!

mama cat and her mini me

 Update: New photo from the happy furry family

happy cat family rescue

Photos via reddit.

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A tiny orphan kitten’s life was changed forever when a kind person found him in a culvert at Jacksonville University in Florida. She knew right away that she had to save him.

“This is an orphaned kitten adopted by my co-worker. She found him in a culvert just screaming his little head off and couldn’t just leave him there. After a search for the mother turned up nothing, she decided to bring him home. And to the office – he has to be fed every couple of hours and is still too young to use a bottle. He is so adorable,” said Carol White. (flickr)

This tiny orphaned kitten was found in a culvert by a kind person who couldn’t leave him there.

Kindness Saves Tiny Orphan Kitten

She took him home and started caring for him round the clock. When she goes to work, she brings him along so that he can be fed every 2 hours.

Kindness Saves Tiny Orphan Kitten

The little tabby is in good hands now, and is thankful for a second chance at life and a human who loves him to bits.

Kindness Saves Tiny Orphan Kitten

Photos courtesy of Bailey White via flickr.

Little Bobby the kitty has something to be thankful for  – a warm and loving home, good food and people that love her. After she was born, she became an orphan and needed undivided attention from a caretaker in order to survive. She came to Kelli, a vet tech, who knew that she had to save the little bitty one, despite how demanding it would be to raise a baby kitten.

So it began… Bobby was given a second chance at life…

This is Bobby, an orphan baby. She is in good hands.

rescue kitten bobby

At 4 weeks old, Bobby has learned to eat on her own and started to venture out of her bed. “She is a brave and confident little babycat!”

rescue kitten bobby

Kelli brings Bobby to the vet clinic and she’s become a real clinic cat. “She continues to have everyone at the hospital wrapped around her itty bitty kitty paws. she is becoming quite the little clinic cat, running to greet clients whenever she gets the chance, ‘helping’ to recover our dog patients as they recover from anesthesia, and sometimes acting as a fill-in or diversion for people when we have to take their pet away for a few minutes to take x-rays or draw blood. she is such a joy!”

rescue kitten bobby

One happy and thankful kitty.

Photos courtesy of Kelli at flickr alice_browndog.

No one knows what exactly Poppy had gone through before her rescue, but this little furry fighter is so full of life, despite having only 3 legs.

rescue tabby cat poppy 3 leggedSmall Miracle Cat & Dog Rescue wrote:

“This is our little Poppy. She is a lucky little lady. Only about 5-6 months old… She came in with a huge injury to her radial nerve in her left front leg. She had come from a dangerous neighborhood in Baltimore-we don’t know if she is a victim of abuse or just bad luck. We gave her a couple of weeks to see if her leg would recover but the vet determined that the situation was deteriorating.”

They finally made the decision that was best for Poppy. “The decision was made to amputate… The leg was amputated at 5pm on Friday, and the kitten was already purring and hopping into my lap by 8:30pm the same night…. The surgery went very well and Poppy is comfortably recovering in foster care, happy to inspire anyone she can with her positive attitude.”

“She is such a loving girl that we are confident someone will fall in love very soon.” What Poppy needs now is her forever loving home. She is available for adoption.

Poppy rescued with an injured leg that couldn’t be saved. Today she loves life despite only having 3 legs.

rescue tabby cat poppy 3 legged

Watch Poppy the 3 legged cat playing:

Photos by Small Miracle Cat & Dog Rescue (Facebook)

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It’s hard to believe that Mika, an adorable tabby cat, was once unwanted, but his life made a 180 when he found the people who saved him.

“He’s about 6 weeks old and was orphaned soon after being born. We were offered him seemingly at random by his owner outside of a shopping centre, after being told that he’d be put down if no one took him. We didn’t hesitate at all to welcome him into our family,” said Jordan O. who rescued Mika (cuteoverload).

Today, Mika has not only gained a loving forever home, he’s also found his voice in the family, and he’s not afraid to use it. The little guy gets along with the family dog and they often watch TV together, but of course Mika takes full control of the remote.

Mika the orphaned kitty given a second chance

He feels safe and loved. He’s found his voice in the family and is not afraid to use it.

Mika and his TV buddy the dog. Of course, he takes control of the remote and what to watch.

Photos by Patti via Cuteoverload. Thanks to Jordan O. for the rescue.