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This adorable Siamese kitten Tanzanite (AKA Tanzy) was found when she was only two days old. It was soon apparent that Tanzy was unable to use her back legs due to injuries, but the little Siamese is a fighter and wouldn’t let it stop her.

The kitten found a haven of hope at Tabby’s Place: a Cat Sanctuary in Ringoes, NJ. Through a generous grant from Paws and Claws Society, Inc., Tabby’s Place was able to rescue tiny Tanzy – and to promise her the world-class, specialized care she would need.

Even in the midst of her struggle, Tanzy’s spark was bright. Now six weeks old, Tanzy has the confidence of a tiger, and a meow that sings to the world that she is here to thrive. Although she can’t walk, Tanzy moves as quickly as any kitten, using her strong front legs to motor along and play with friends.

Given Tanzy’s young age, the Tabby’s Place team is optimistic that physical therapy may help improve her mobility. They plan to outfit her with a custom-made mobility cart. Tanzy is excited about her next chapter in life.

Meet Tanzy the kitty. She was found unable to use her back legs due to injuries but that didn’t stop her.

Siamese kitten survives attack, finds love tabby's place

She found a haven of hope at Tabby’s Place.

Siamese kitten survives attack, finds love tabby's place

Now 6 weeks old, she is a little tiger…

Siamese kitten survives attack, finds love tabby's place

…and has a meow that sings to the world that she’s here to thrive!

Siamese kitten survives attack, finds love tabby's place

They plan to outfit her with a custom-made mobility cart. Here Tanzy is moving around like a pro.

Tanzy is excited about her next chapter in life.

Full story of Tanzy. Photos by Tabby’s Place Follow Tanzy on Facebook.

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A tiny tabby named Dot came to this world in a garage in Virginia. She may not move like other kitties and has a few things that require special care, but nothing stops this little wonder girl from being happy, loving and living her life to the fullest. Just like Scooter the cat, Dot has inspired many with her story.

Tabby’s Place in Ringoes, New Jersey tells Dot’s story. “Dot was immediately blessed with angels. From her first rescuers to a devoted foster mama and several hundred Facebook friends, Dot hasn’t known a moment without being loved. Dot’s biggest adventure began at the dawn of 2012. Just days after we learned of Dot’s situation, our two resident paralyzed cats, Tashi and Gabriella, were adopted together. This pair seemed to be passing the torch to the Virginia tabby. And, so, we were thrilled to welcome Dot to Tabby’s Place.”

“Dot was born with a bundle of unique traits: she has a “dot” where most cats have tails; she’s as sweet as maple syrup; she has a definite preference for the color blue; and she has a rare condition called spina bifida,” Tabby’s Place wrote.

Dot is always happy and doesn’t think she has any problems. “Skittering along with her front legs, Dot blissfully hunts her favorite fuzzy blue toy. Cuddling in your arms, her happy eyes tell you she’s in heaven. Even during medical poking and prodding, Dot has a purr that would put the loudest lioness to shame. Dot has no sense of being different, and she’s not about to let anything hold her back.”

In order to help Dot rehabilitate, Tabby’s Place has been giving her routine physical therapy to help her regain muscle strength in her hind legs. “At four months of age (as of January 2012), Dot is an extremely tiny two pounds. We’ll be starting a physical therapy routine with our brave kitten right away. Starting with exercises to flex and extend her hind legs, this therapy will help to build up muscle tone, and give her a better chance of being able to use those legs to some extent.” Water therapy has also been introduced to Dot. “Of course, after each physical therapy session, we love to snuggle Dot in a baby-blue blanket and give her all the kisses she craves.”

To help Dot move around, the cat sanctuary ordered a customized mobility cart. It was a gift that Dot immediately fell in love. Seeing how happy Dot is moving freely across the room brings so much joy to all the volunteers and it makes all the hard work absolutely worth it.

Dot was born with spina bifida.

She lives happily at a cat sanctuary, Tabby’s Place

Dot’s on her mobility cart

Dot loving her new cart:

Photos courtesy of Tabby’s Place. Follow Dot’s updates on Facebook. You can become Dot’s sponsor and help this wonder-baby to grow up healthy, happy, loved and strong. See Tabby’s Place to become a sponsor.

Guest Author: Angela Townsend from Tabby’s Place

cute ginger rescue cat
Pikachu | photo by Tabby's Place

Once upon a time, Mango held the honor of having traveled farther than any other cat to get to Tabby’s Place.

Sure, Mango’s home state of Arizona is about 2,000 miles from Ringoes, NJ. But in comparison with Okinawa, Japan…well, we can practically see Arizona out the sanctuary windows. I promised I’d tell the full story of the Okinawa kids, and today I make good on that promise.

Sorry, Mango, but you’ve met your match: it is nearly 8,000 miles from Okinawa, Japan to Ringoes, NJ. For a young Marine (who, for reasons that will immediately become clear, shall hereafter be known as Hero Marine), no distance was too far to save three lives.

Kimiko shortly before her flight to NJ | photo by Amanda Nemeth

In 2009, the active duty United States Marine began feeding a mother cat and her kittens outside his apartment. Hero Marine was devastated when his housing agency ordered him to stop feeding the felines. Each day the cats grew weaker, and Hero Marine could not live with their starving to death. Determined to save the cats, he donated $1,000 – an extraordinary sum for a young serviceman – to have the cats rescued, sterilized and given medical treatment.

Alas, the felines were still in grave danger. The shelter housing the cats was to be demolished in mid-2010, at which time the cats would be euthanized by mass gassing.

Hero Marine contacted the Okinawan American Animal Rescue Society (OAARS), and the American Military community raced to the rescue. Volunteers led by OAARS president Miyahira San and Americans Amanda and Andrew Nemeth contacted the cats’ only hope of a long-term refuge: Tabby’s Place.

In Japan there are many cat cafe where cats are pampered by customers and treated like celebrities. In Ringoes, New Jersey, there is a cage-free cat sanctuary that provides refuge to cats in hopeless situations such as those that had been scheduled for euthanasia.

A man named Jonathan Rosenberg lost his tabby due to an untreatable cancer. He started questioning himself “What was I doing with my life? Was I really making a difference? How could I honor Tabby, who had spent 15 years with us?” Rosenberg decided to forgo his job and devoted his life to saving felines. He started his mission by creating a cat sanctuary named Tabby’s place where it can now hold 95 felines.

His goal for the future is to accommodate 400 cats in the cat sanctuary, helping these cats that other shelters cannot keep and offering them a second chance to live.

Many cats at Tabby’s place are with special needs. “At Tabby’s Place, these cats are able to live full and happy lives with the medical care, love, and affection they deserve.”

Check out the virtual tour below:

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