Man Determined To Save Kitten From The Bottom of A Long Pipe

A man was determined to get a little tuxedo kitten who was trapped at the bottom a long and narrow pipe out to safety. Thanks to his heroic rescue, the little orphan made it out unscathed. “A call for help came from a concerned neighbor who worried that there were orphaned kittens under a nearby […]

Kittens Saved With Help From Cell Phones

“Two weeks ago, a local family was picking apples at Eckert’s, a popular nearby orchard, when they heard the unmistakable mews of tiny kittens. Unable to pinpoint the babies’ location, the rescuers sent their cell phones up and inside a large combine that was sitting unused, and took video of the caverns inside. This creative […]

Monet The Cat: Fighter Against Cancer

by Love Meow on Sep 27th, 2013 | 2 Comments on Monet The Cat: Fighter Against Cancer

Monet the cat is a little fighter who has been beating the odds against cancer. Thanks to those who never gave up on him, the little guy is not only getting better, he is inspiring many with his story. “My little foster Monet is only 4 months old but he is already facing a challenge […]

Little Homeless Stray With Perpetual Look Of Surprise

Meet Tino, named for his Tina Turner-esque hair. Tenth Life found him wandering through an intersection in Imperial, MO, without a mother and didn’t seem to have a home to go to. He was very tiny and dehydrated. When they gently approached the little guy to offer some food, “…he immediately gobbled up whatever we […]

Elsie The Parking Lot Kitten: Amazing Transformation

Elsie, the little calico has made an amazing transformation since she was rescued from a plastic bag inside a shopping cart at a parking lot of a big-box store along with her siblings. It’s hard to believe she’s the same kitten. Volunteers at Tenth Life never gave up on her and the rest of the […]

Cat Mama Unconditional Love To Adopted Orphans And Her Own

Betty is a very special cat mama. “If you look closely (at the picture), you can see a third kitten… a newborn. Sweet Betty accepted, and cared for, two newborns after already caring for her special-needs boys, Niall and Harry,” said Tenth Life on Facebook. “Then, about a week later, we received a call that […]

Tinsel The Cat Lost A Tail But Gained A New Life

Tinsel the rescue kitty lost a tail, but gained a second chance at life. Even after what she’s gone through, she is always happy and full of life. Having no tail doesn’t bother her a bit. She doesn’t think she’s any different. “A kind woman had been caring for strays and was worried about Tinsel […]

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