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cute rescued black kitten
Midnight the rescued kitten

Written by ©Theresa Mershon (flickr: treether).

Michelle noticed a tiny, sick kitten on her way to the park. Midnight was living in between a fried chicken shop and a run-down apartment building. Everyday around noon she tried to nap in the sun in a patch of dirt next to a busy intersection. She was clearly in distress, with a badly infected eye and very underfed.

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cute rescued tuxedo kitten
Fritz the tuxedo rescue

Written by ©Theresa Mershon (flickr: treether).

After we found homes for Mina’s first litter of foster kittens (Mina’s story), she was so sad. It didn’t seem fair that she couldn’t have a friend, so when we heard about a boy kitten that needed a home we thought maybe we would take him. Fritz was so shy he hid from us when we tried to meet him. His foster mom had to coax him out from under the couch with a toy, but when we tried to pet him he ran away. He lived with another older kitten and they got along great, so we figured even if he was shy around us, he’d be friends with Mina.

cute rescued kitten
"My name is Fig. I have a goatee and and eye patch. Don't I look like a pirate?"

Written by ©Theresa Mershon.

Teen mom Pearl and her new kittens Fig & Olive – My neighbors Amy & Lynn rescued Pearl from our neighborhood (Brooklyn, New York) when she was very pregnant. She gave birth a couple of days after they found her. Pearl is amazingly sweet and a great mother. It’s clear she was someone’s pet who was abandoned — she is so happy to have a roof over her head, she purrs and makes biscuits non-stop.

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cute cat fostering kitten
Mina the cat fostering new rescued kitten, Peep

Two feral kittens were rescued in a neighborhood in Brooklyn, New York. They are now under excellent foster care by two lovely feline foster mom and dad, Mina (mom) and Fritz (dad) who are also rescues.

“Our neighbors Amy and Lynn found them while helping with TNR at a feral colony in Brooklyn. They said the funny thing about the colony is that most of the cats are black and white. Meep (a girl) and Peep (her brother) were sick and underfed, but after a week of good meals and medicine they are blooming,” said Theresa Mershon.

“Meep is a tiny purr machine, and she loves to sit on my shoulder. Mina was desperate to snuggle her, and she follows her around whenever Meep comes out to play. Peep is much bigger and stronger than Meep, but he gets startled easily. Whenever he’s spooked he fluffs up and guards his little sister. Hopefully we can find them a home together, because they don’t like being out of each other’s sight.”

“Fritz learned to take care of the kittens from Mina. Fritz was a foster kitten once too, we adopted him to be Mina’s friend. When we got new foster kittens, Fritz growled at them. But when he saw how Mina took care of them, he decided he could love them too. He carries them around by the scruff of their necks and plays with them very gently.”

cute cat fostering rescued kitten
Mina comforting foster kitten Meep

cute tuxedu kitten
Clem aka "the professor" | photo by ©Theresa Mershon

Clem is a very sweet, energetic little boy. He was rescued by Theresa Mershon‘s neighbor from some teenagers in Park Slope. When she found him, he had infections in both eyes and could not see. He came to Theresa’s home to get treatment and to be cared for.

When the photos were taken, one of Clem’s eyes had completely healed while the other was on the mend. “It’s possible that he may only have sight in one eye for the rest of his life, but he can see just fine and won’t need special care.”

During his foster care, Butter the cat became his foster mother. She babysat him and kept an eye on the little fuzzball to make sure that he was OK.

Today, Clem is blind in one eye, but it does not bother him at all. He is a perfectly normal kitty who can do things just like other cats. Clem has found a forever home. He is now called “The Professor” because he has elbow patches on his coat :).

Photos courtesy of ©Theresa Mershon.

cute tuxedo kitten playing with string
"Argghh! I will get you down." | photo by ©Theresa Mershon

cute rescued gray kitten
Mina | photo by ©Theresa Mershon

Theresa Mershon and her neighbors Amy & Lynn are working on a Trap-Neuter-Return program and have successfully controlled the population of a cat colony in her area. Theresa rescued and fostered many cats and kittens that wound up taking shelter in her basement.

“The first kitten we found was Mina, and she adopted up for good. She was completely alone in the laundry room and at first I thought she was a bunch of dryer lint. She was about two weeks old and grew into a beautiful cat and a great foster mom to later kittens,” said Theresa.

Mina helped Theresa babysit new rescued kittens. She was like a mother to them and gave them the love and care that she never got from her own cat mother when she was a baby. All the rescued kittens have been adopted and Mina did a fantastic job assisting her mommy. [See story of Mina taking care of foster kittens]

Photos courtesy of ©Theresa Mershon

cute rescued gray kitten
"Play time plz?" | photo by ©Theresa Mershon