Midnight the Rescue Looking for a Forever Home

Written by ©Theresa Mershon (flickr: treether). Michelle noticed a tiny, sick kitten on her way to the park. Midnight was living in between a fried chicken shop and a run-down apartment building. Everyday around noon she tried to nap in the sun in a patch of dirt next to a busy intersection. She was clearly […]

Fritz the Tuxedo Rescue Becomes Foster Dad

Written by ©Theresa Mershon (flickr: treether). After we found homes for Mina’s first litter of foster kittens (Mina’s story), she was so sad. It didn’t seem fair that she couldn’t have a friend, so when we heard about a boy kitten that needed a home we thought maybe we would take him. Fritz was so […]

Pearl, Fig and Olive Found Forever Homes

Remember the story of Pearl, Fig and Olive – a very pregnant stray cat mama was rescued and placed in foster care? We have update on the kitties: Pearl the mom and her two lovely fur babies have found wonderful forever homes. Yay!

Rescued Family Pearl, Fig and Olive

by Love Meow on Aug 4th, 2010 | 17 Comments on Rescued Family Pearl, Fig and Olive

Written by ©Theresa Mershon. Teen mom Pearl and her new kittens Fig & Olive – My neighbors Amy & Lynn rescued Pearl from our neighborhood (Brooklyn, New York) when she was very pregnant. She gave birth a couple of days after they found her. Pearl is amazingly sweet and a great mother. It’s clear she was […]

Feline Foster Mom and Dad Taking Care of Rescued Kittens

Two feral kittens were rescued in a neighborhood in Brooklyn, New York. They are now under excellent foster care by two lovely feline foster mom and dad, Mina (mom) and Fritz (dad) who are also rescues. “Our neighbors Amy and Lynn found them while helping with TNR at a feral colony in Brooklyn. They said the […]

Kitty Who Sees the World Through One Eye

Clem is a very sweet, energetic little boy. He was rescued by Theresa Mershon‘s neighbor from some teenagers in Park Slope. When she found him, he had infections in both eyes and could not see. He came to Theresa’s home to get treatment and to be cared for. When the photos were taken, one of […]

Mina a Rescued Cat Becomes a Foster Mom

Theresa Mershon and her neighbors Amy & Lynn are working on a Trap-Neuter-Return program and have successfully controlled the population of a cat colony in her area. Theresa rescued and fostered many cats and kittens that wound up taking shelter in her basement. “The first kitten we found was Mina, and she adopted up for good. […]

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