Izzy the Feral Rescue with Extra Toes

by Love Meow on Aug 19th, 2012 | 10 Comments on Izzy the Feral Rescue with Extra Toes

Meet Izzy, a lovely kitty with extra toes and thumbs. She had a rough beginning, but a second chance has made all the difference in her life. “Izzy was found by a friend of mine at Point Isabel Regional Shoreline. It is a dog park. She was found by the water behind a dumpster, pressed […]

Kitty with Opposable Thumbs Blocks Entrance to the Bathroom

Kitty with a pair of opposable thumbs blocks the entrance to the bathroom. He stops his human and demands attention with those thumbs… Entrance to the bathroom denied! Kitties and their opposable thumbs…. Photo by SKersh81 via reddit.

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